4 Best Kombucha Brands Delivered to Your Door

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Your guide to kombucha you can get delivered in San Diego during the pandemic and beyond


TapShack in Ocean Beach offers same day, free local growler delivery in San Diego. Their rotating menu of flavors is posted daily and orders must be put in before noon. While the kombucha is less effervescent than other brands, they pack their brews full of flavor. They start with organic green tea and organic sugar, then use only real spices, fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables to create dynamic flavor combinations. For summer in San Diego, you can’t beat their Mango Mojito flavor that combines mango, mint, spirulina, and lime for vivid tropical drink.

Nourishing Babe Kombucha offers a smooth, light canned kombucha with local ingredients for delivery through their website. Their four flavors are Maui Wowie (strawberry, coconut, lime), Sandia (watermelon, cucumber), Moroccan Mint (fresh mint, citrus), and Cali Gold (ginger, citrus). Babe Kombucha brings together different types of teas, including green, white, black and oolong teas, into raw, non-pastuerized blends.

High ABV

JuneShine recently starting delivering 12 packs and 24 packs of their leading hard kombucha, perfect for a virtual happy hour or a backyard hangout. You can order on their website and pay $4.99 for 2 hour shipping within San Diego (11am – 7pm). Their 6% ABV booch is organic, gluten-free, probiotic, non-GMO, and contains antioxidants and vitamins. And, to give back to the community, JuneShine is donating $1 from every order to the US Bartenders Guild Emergency Assistance Program to help service industry workers who have supported local businesses like JuneShine from the beginning. Try the Midnight Painkiller with activated charcoal, pineapple, coconut, orange, and nutmeg.

Flying Embers hard kombucha is gluten-free and vegan, brewed with live cultures, live probiotics, and adaptogens with ABVs ranging from 4.5% to 7.2%. The current line includes six flavors, all hand-crafted with an adaptogen root blend of Ashwagandha, Tumeric, Ginger and Astragalus. The flavors include: Ancient Berry, Lemon Orchard, Ginger & Oak, Pineapple Chili, Black Cherry & Grapefruit Thyme, all USDA certified organic. The brand gives back 1% of revenue to firefighters and first responder charitable organizations out of respect and appreciation for their sacrifice and service. Flying Embers has direct to consumer shipping from their website, as well as the option of delivery from their retailers through platforms like Drizly.

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