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Exciting Spring Break Activities in San Diego

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With all the free time that comes with spring break, there’s no better time to explore our city. The weather is warming up and great deals are sprouting around town to welcome in the new season. Here are some activities to add to your agenda this month that will help you make the best of spring break.

San Diego Zoo & Safari Park

The zoo and safari park are not only nationally recognized, they’re even fun for locals who live close to them. Take a road trip out to the safari park on one of your days off and ride through 1800 acres of land that feels like the wild. From March 11 to April 23, experience the Butterfly Jungle. Thousands of butterflies fill the air at this exhibit, and if you wear bright colors, they might think you’re a flower and land on you! Take a stroll through the Lemur Walk, the safari park’s newest exhibit. At the zoo, go on a “Yaycation” from March 25 to April 23. This event features events for the whole family, including special experiences featuring animals, live music, and other activities. To take dual advantage of of these attractions for a reasonable price, consider purchasing an annual pass. For $110, you gain access to both the zoo and safari park for an entire year, along with a generous coupon book. Admission to the zoo and safari is normally $52 each for a day, so buying an annual pass not only equals the price of a day at each park, but you can go back throughout the year.

Whale Watching

Book a trip with San Diego Whale Watch, and you’re guaranteed an amazing adventure. With the only boat in San Diego that is exclusively used for whale watching, you’re in good hands, guided by experts on board that will surely find whales in the open water for you to see. San Diego Whale Watch is so confident in their experience that if you don’t see a whale on your booked trip, you can join another one for free. Tours are $29 on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a three-hour trip narrated by a certified marine biologist. Baleen whales and toothed whales make their appearances during the expedition, and toothed whales include dolphins! With chances to see up to ten different species of whale, this experience is worth every penny.

Carlsbad Flower Fields

Drive up to Carlsbad to experience spring in full bloom! The Flower Fields are now open, and with the rainy weather nearly gone and out of the way, a stroll through the flowers under the sun is a must. Walk through 50 acres of sprawling color and springtime smells, or take a picnic and make an afternoon of it. Admission is $14 dollars for adults, and a wagon ride through the fields is an additional $5. If you plan to visit the fields more than once throughout the season, season passes are available for $3o. Take a breather during your spring break and enjoy the abundant Ranunculus flowers.


Not only does SeaWorld house some of the most amazing marine animals of our planet, it also provides some exciting attractions. The new roller coaster ride, Manta, twists and dives through the theme park like a real manta ray. After the ride, visit the manta grotto to touch and feed the animals yourself. Soar across the bay in the gondolas, or rise above sea level on the Skytower, which is the attraction you can see from the 5 and 8 freeways. From the top of the point,  you can see for hundreds of miles in every direction. Single day admission tickets start at $73, and a day pass combined with all-day dining starts at $93.

San Diego Air & Space Museum

One of the many museums nestled in Balboa Park, the San Diego Air & Space Museum has new and exciting exhibits open that are perfect for an indoor activity. Be the Astronaut, the museum’s newest exhibit, allows visitors to pilot a spaceship, launch a rocket, and drive a rover in space! Discover our corner of the universe through virtual simulations and land on various planets in our solar system. This experience was designed with the help of NASA experts, so you’ll feel like a true astronaut. The simulation is guided by your own team of virtual characters to help you navigate space and learn as much as possible while having fun. Along with all the other in-house exhibits, a day at the Air & Space Museum is out of this world. Admission for adults is $19.75, and the Be the Astronaut experience is an additional $5.


Wherever you choose to spend your spring break, be sure to take advantage of all our city has to offer. These were just a few suggestions, but the sky is the limit for spring break activities in San Diego.

Drew has lived in San Diego going on two years, and can't imagine living anywhere else. She loves the city's beaches, food, and shows. You can contact her at drew@sdentertainer.com.

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