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FLUXX is Changing the Way We Think about San Diego Nightlife

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A typical night out in downtown San Diego consists of girls in high stilettos and mini-skirts. The guys are subjected to waiting in long lines, while uncomfortably forced to be dressed in their long-sleeve button-up’s and dress shoes just hoping that they can make the cut-off for the guest list. Doesn’t sound very appealing now, does it? What if we told you that you could throw all of that aside? Put the pumps away and take those flats out of the box? Well now you can because San Diego’s very own night club, FLUXX, is bringing a more low-key night to the clubbing venue once a month.

You can enjoy the enticing atmosphere of the club without feeling intimidated with FLUXX Live, a concept that promotes live music, drink specials, and a night full of dancing. FLUXX Live was introduced to the San Diego nightlife in the beginning of the summer and has already made a mark on the music scene. Indie hipsters alike have flocked to the venue to see some of their favorite artists and shuffle their way to an endless night of fun.

Upon arrival to any FLUXX Live event, you’ll notice the diverse crowd. Chuck Taylors and the occasional fashionista’s fill the dance floor that is being pumped with fog and music that seems to consume the crowd.

The Entertainer got to speak with the mastermind behind this amazing and one-of-a-kind concept, Eric Howarth. Howarth is no stranger to music; he has been involved with music for 15 years with his recently sold company M-Theory, his current record label, and Daydream Nation, the promotions company in association with FLUXX Live. With is extensive music background and the idea of bringing live music to San Diego nightlife, Howarth and FLUXX decided to team up.

He explains that the venue is unlike any other in San Diego, “FLUXX first opened up with a vision, for not only being a dance club, but also being a cool venue for live acts and bands to perform. Wherever you stand in the club, you will have a great view of the performance on stage.” FLUXX Live seems to bring you to a different world with the lights and sounds that create the overall ambiance of a live intimate show.

The most recent performance rolled into town carrying heavy-weight electro and hip-hop champions, Hyper Crush. The show began with the electronic mash-ups of The Cataracs and continued with the heart-racing beats of The Far East Movement. With the fist-pumping and jumping in full-swing, Hyper Crush set the stage.

Lasers shot threw the fog, and the electro beats started to fill the air. The drinks were put down,and the venue quickly became packed as Hyper Crush’s DJ and keyartist, Preston Moronie, hit the stage. Then the smooth rapping of lead, Donny Fontaine chimed in and was followed by the sweet voice of Holly Valentine. The show was a success and ran until the early hours of the morning.

FLUXX Live definitely did not miss a beat with this performance. The event was a success and proved that live music and a low-key dress code could definitely makes its way into the weekly routine of any San Diego night owl. The next performance to hit the FLUXX stage is on September 3oth with Transfers and The Silent Comedy.

Check out the FLUXX website for future shows: http://www.fluxxsd.com/

For more information on Transfer, check out their Myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/transferband

For more information on The Silent Comedy, check out their Myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/thesilentcomedy

Hyper Crush image provided by: Tab Salsman

FLUXX image provided by FLUXX SD

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