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Pour House Music (and upcoming shows) in Oceanside

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Pour House has been a gathering spot for many Oceanside locals since 2014. The team over there serve up craft libations and gourmet eats that are tough to match.

Photo By: Jack Lungu

But what draws an insane number of people, especially on the weekend is not their Pisco Sours or their truffled pork mac and cheese, but their live music.

Throughout the week, Pour House offers live entertainment to its patrons. Everything from local artists, touring bands, and possibly even your neighbor can be listened to and enjoyed. Bands from all over the United States have played at Pour House, and on Wednesdays they host an open mic night where anyone can set fire to the microphone and drop their latest single.

Pour House is an intimate  music venue that is often packed shoulder to shoulder. With a small stage across from the bar, it allows for patrons to get up close and personal with some of their favorite local artists, and get their faces melted off in the process.

Every genre of music is played at Pour House, just this week alone they have bands booked ranging from honky-tonk to garage pop, from folk to EDM. There’s literally something for everybody being played in South Oceanside.

Some artists that are coming to rock the stage this week are:

Nancarrow, September 28th at 7pm

Nancarrow is a honky tonk band fronted by Graham Nancarrow. Based out of rural Southern California, Nancarrow fuses classic country standards and alternative music to make their own brand of honky tonk. With subjects ranging from surfing, drinking, and romance their storytelling paired with their musical talent makes for a great show.

That’s Right, September 29th at 5pm

That’s Right, they’re a regular band that holds down the stage at Pour House. Performing their own originals along with tried and true classics with a twist, this local band keeps on playing as long as there are people getting down on the dance floor.

Super Cassette, September 30th at 11pm

Now this is an interesting concept. By using some sort of computer magic, they utilize jpeg artifacts to complement their funky garage pop sound to make an eclectic and energizing sound. Super Cassette is based out of Berkley, California and are big fans of keeping it old school by releasing their albums not only digitally and on CDs, but also on, you guessed it, cassettes.

Jack Lungu is an ever evolving artist with talents ranging from fashion photography, cinematography, and graphic design. Shooting for over half a decade, he prefers to let his work do the talking for him. Not only has he worked with online publications such as Runwayz Magazine and Fine Magazine, but has been featured in print publications such as Locale Magazine and Coast Magazine. Additionally, Jack was the Director of Photography at Orange County Fashion Week, reviving the television series "Fashionista Now Boarding". He is based in south Orange County and San Diego, often traveling to new and exciting locations for location shoots, as well as indoor studio projects. He is able to bend light to his will, giving his work a crisp, punch-you-in-the-face aesthetic. He also writes poetry and goes to open mic nights on the regular.

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