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Party for a better future

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The Downtown Gaslamp can be expensive. Fees are entwined with everything: Parking, club entrance, drinks, 2 a.m. munchies, and not to mention a taxi ride home at the end of the night. What is it all for? Maybe a few good numbers from possible hook-ups, some blackmail pictures of your friends, and an “interesting” story to tell the next day? Instead of the same ‘ol “let’s party downtown!” weekend, party for a cause instead!

Join Philanthro Productions at the W Hotel September 12 for their Urban Oasis. This luscious island oasis party is to raise money and awareness about Planet Cancer, a community of young adults fighting cancer. 100% of proceeds will benefit Planet Cancer and their efforts to provide support to young adults.

Entertainment will be fused with education, and their aim is to have people get checked and to know that this resource is out there. The Urban Oasis offers three distinct levels; party-goers can show off their moves on the dance floor, chat it up with friends in the W Living Room, or girls can take a break from their high heels and let their toes play in the sand at BEACH, the W’s open-air rooftop lounge.

There will be live dance performances and DJs mixing House and Hip-Hop all night. Attendees will have the chance to participate in a raffle and win great prizes from the sponsors of the Urban Oasis event. The W Hotel is located at 421 West B Street in the Gaslamp of San Diego.

Party September 12 at Urban Oasis and help raise money for Planet Cancer.

Party September 12 at Urban Oasis and help raise money for Planet Cancer.

Planet Cancer is not only a voice for the often forgotten group of young adults battling cancer, but also a peer support group to help connect them together and talk about issues that they would have to encounter as young adults with cancer: dating, disclosure to a potential employer, long-term insurance issues, moving back home, loss of fertility, having to quit school or ending a newly launched career. Along with their online community and work to spread knowledge about the importance of this overlooked group, they also hold weekend retreats for these young adults for recreation and face-to-face peer connection.

Planet Cancer speaks to them as real people and not as children or as the senile and elderly.  On the welcome page of their website they describe their site as, “A place to share insights, explore our fears, laugh, or even give the finger to cancer with others who just plain get it. We don’t deny the dark side of illness and death here. But we also firmly believe that laughter and light can turn up in the strangest places.”

Philanthro Productions is a non-profit organization whose mission is to get young adults more involved in charity. They develop and launch first-rate parties in partnership with and to benefit other non-profit organizations by trying to raise funds and also working to increase exposure for these non-profits. Philanthro Productions believe that donating time and money to good causes does not have to mean less time having fun or going out with friends.  They want their guests to have a great time while becoming more educated about the cause they are supporting by the end of the night.

By hosting first-rate parties with leading non-profits, they aim to raise awareness and funds for charities around the world and make philanthropy fun. When people come to their events, they’re not only having a great time, but they’re also helping out great causes. At every one of their events 100% of net proceeds goes to the charity they’re benefiting and the community that night because when guests pay cover to come to Philanthro events, the money goes to help the neighborhood. Philanthro Productions has three chapters, San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco all consisting of volunteers.

Put your party ways to good use September 12 and party for a good cause. All of the money spent on cover will not only help Planet Cancer but also the young group of fighters asking to be heard. Dress to the nines, party all night long, and know any numbers at the end of the night are from someone who likes to party for a better future.

Make sure to buy your tickets today and mark September 12th on your calendar to “Party for a better future.”

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