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Lady Gaga releases new single “Perfect Illusion”

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Lady Gaga is back, people!

Lady Gaga released her new single “Perfect Illusion” on Thursday evening bringing catchy music to the ears of every Gaga lover out there. The singer kept us all waiting for over a year to hear a new single, and “Perfect Illusion” is only the second new song Lady Gaga has released since 2014, the first being “Till it Happens to You” from The Hunting Ground soundtrack.

“Perfect Illusion” gives us all a sneak peak of her upcoming 2016 fifth studio album. We haven’t heard any details on her newest album, but if it is anything like “Perfect Illusion” it is safe to say we can’t wait.

There was a lot of pressure on Gaga since she hasn’t released any music in quite some time, but the song came out on top once again. Lady Gaga co-wrote the song with top producers, Mark Ronson, Tame Impala and Kevin Parker.

Many speculate the song lyrics hint that the song is about ex Taylor Kinney. The song states “It wasn’t love/ It wasn’t love/ It was a perfect illusion,” making fans think the song is reminiscent of her five-year relationship with Kinney.

We were so used to Lady Gaga’s meat suits and wild performances, that when she stepped away from releasing music for a couple years, it was a shock to us all. The only Gaga fix we were able to get was with her roll on American Horror Story, but it definitely wasn’t the same.

Perfect Illusion

Lady Gaga “Perfect Illusion”

The world fell in love with Lady Gaga in 2008 when she released the song “Just Dance”. Since then, we haven’t been able to get enough of Gaga’s wild antics and exciting performances. Let’s all hope that this album will spark Gaga back into the music game.

Listen to her new single “Perfect Illusion” below.

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