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Gaffigan Live at Humphrey’s

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Photo from 'Mirka23' via Flickr

Photo from ‘Mirka23’ via Flickr

Today is the day that the pale man himself will adorn the stage at Humphrey’s by the Bay. Jim Gaffigan, the renowned comedian and actor is set to have two shows at Humphrey’s tonight. The shows are scheduled for 6:30 and 9 PM at Humphrey’s. Renowned  for his clever, and subtle style of comedy Gaffigan is a must see.

Well known for his role on the show My Boys, he has also had many stand-up routines featured on Comedy Central, along with appearances on talk shows, such as The Letterman show.   Beyond the Pale was his first released comedy album, and was also featured on a one hour stand-up special on Comedy Central. Beyond the Pale, was a comedy routine of Gaffigan’s that focused a lot on the humorous aspects of food, and the pitfalls of laziness. In 2009 Gaffigan followed up with King Baby, and another hour stand-up on Comedy Central. Both of the routines were a booming success for Gaffigan, and brought more adoring fans to his growing popularity.

Like many comedians Gaffigan’s routine focuses on social satire, and he points out many of the things we think but never say.  On stage, he will often dive into the minds of the audience which is usually signaled by a high-pitch unsure voice.  In this mode Gaffigan alludes to the scrupulous tendencies of  the human condition, and how we can’t let go in order to just have fun.

Like many comedians Gaffigan’s material is adult in every sense. Despite the mature foundation of his comedy,  he keeps it clean. Rarely using vulgar material, he plays on the satirical nature of our society, and it works.  Spawning such memorable routines as Hot Pockets, and Bacon, Gaffigan is one of the comedians that is a must see.


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