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Comic Con 2011 Preview

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As if San Diego wasn’t an already popular tourist destination for the summer, the city is going to be bustling in two weeks as the 42nd annual Comic Con makes its way once again to the Convention Center in Downtown San Diego.

Fans from all over the country and even out of the country come to sunny San Diego to enjoy the 4-day comic fest that starts on July 21st. Some lucky fans can even see a preview of what’s to come on the night of July 20th.

Those unfamiliar with Comic Con may ask the question: “What is all the hype on Comic Con about?” For avid comic readers, it is simply a personal haven where they can meet other enthusiastic fans, dress up in their favorite comic costume on a day that’s not Halloween, and most importantly meet the very professionals who created some of their favorite comic books.

What is so great about Comic Con is that each year, they bring in more and more artists for fans to meet. This year’s notable guests include writer/artist Alan Davis (X-Men), David Finch, (Batman: The Dark Knight), Japanese animator Tsuneo Goda ( Domo), and writer/artist David Lloyd (V for Vendetta) along with many others.

For the full list of guests, visit the Comic Con website.

While some fans are excited at the prospect of meeting the creators of some of their favorite comic books, other fans come for a different reason such as to try their luck on some celebrity sighting. Last year alone, actress Angelina Jolie, Vanessa Hudgens, Blake Lively, Eva Mendes  and Scarlett Johansson made a show on the summer day. Representing the actors, Ryan Reynolds, Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell were also a show at the 2010 Comic Con so expect many celebrities to make their way to Comic Con this year.

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