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Ashe to Perform at The North Park Observatory with Louis the Child

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Born and raised in California, Ashe is making her dreams come true by performing with top names in the industry such as The Chainsmokers and Louis the Child. Ashe is one to watch in the music industry with her pop-jazzy vocals and her talent for songwriting.

After majoring in composition and production at Berklee College of Music, Ashe became noticed for her talent, quickly reaching more than 75 million Spotify streams and began collaborating with Louis the Child. “Used to It” her first single hit in the Top 10 of the Spotify Global 50, which led her to perform at Coachella with Big Gigantic and The Chainsmokers.

Despite all of her recent success touring with Louis the Child and performing their song “World on Fire,” Ashe has remained humble and down to earth. When asked how success is treating her, she answered with “I can’t say I’ve had that moment yet.  We’re driving around in my 4Runner and rock’n rolling it. I’m definitely living my dreams. I feel like a lot of people look at me and are like ‘wow I’m doing it’ and I feel like I have such a long way to go and I don’t want to take anything for granted so I feel like that’s why I haven’t had that moment yet.”

Her song “Used to It” has a jazzy pop tone to it, adding a unique twist to modern music. This song is her first single and how the world is going to perceive her.  Ashe explains that it’s “the most lighthearted song I’ve ever written.”   She describes herself as a “darker person” with music influences such as Lorde and Carol King. Ashe says, “I’m darker so it’s funny my first song was more bubbly but I want people to know there’s relationships that you grow out of but we stay because its comfortable.  I got closure from my very first relationship.”

“Girl Who Cried Wolf” seems to be Ashe’s way of telling people that she is going to reach success her own way, and believes in herself and her talent. She says, “’Girl Who Cried Wolf’ hits me on a deeper level. The lyrics can be misleading, it means some day you’re going to find me on top on the world and its me talking to myself. I’m going to exceed people’s expectations and escape the pressures and the shit other people put on me and others.”

Along with being amazingly talented, Ashe seems to be very down to earth, and explains how thankful she is because “nothing is for sure in the music industry.” She wants to show people in “Girl Who Cried Wolf” that we as a society don’t have to listen to the pressures that come from the public eye. Ashe says, “My whole life

I’ve been shaping myself to who people think I should be, and some day you’ll find me above all the shit people tell me to do. I want to live the way I want to live, and dress the way I want to dress, and talk the way I want to talk.”

Ashe also explains that touring with Louis the Child is truly a beautiful experience. “I do my set and then get to go back on with Louis the Child and that’s always a beautiful moment. Their like family to me and of course it’s a job and I’m working hard but it’s family and that makes it unique. It’s special and after and I always go hangout with fans and talking to people get kicked out of the venue.”

Ashe is a truly unique artist who is loyal to her fans, thankful that she is living her dreams, and still trying to figure herself out along the way. She will be performing with Louis the Child on December 13th at The Observatory North Park. Grab your tickets and get excited to see an amazing show, and watch Ashe’s passionate performance alongside Louis the Child.

"When asked, 'How do you write?' I invariably answer, 'one word at a time.'"-Stephen King

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