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Adele’s Shocking Performances at The Grammys 2017

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Adele, we don’t think anyone will be able to find “someone like you” and Grammys 2017 miraculously proved that. From the plentiful awards Adele received, to the imperfectly perfect live performances, to her selfless acceptance speeches, Adele stole the show.

Although Adele won three of the most prestigious awards at the Grammys – Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Song of the Year – she remained humble and was in disbelief. In fact, she refused to accept the Album of the Year award because she believed Beyonce deserved it. She even claimed that Beyonce’s Lemonade album was “monumental” and confessed her love for her.

Hilariously, Adele even broke her award in two. Even though Adele didn’t purposefully mean for this to happen, this was symbolic of her speech to Queen B after she won Album of the Year for ’25.’ Though Beyonce and Adele were in opposition, the camaraderie and respect between these two super stars was vividly apparent last night.

Obviously, Adele stole the show because of all the Grammys she won, but her live performances were mutually memorable. She elegantly opened the Grammys with her powerful “Hello,” which was also the Song of the Year.

Secondly, she performed a tribute to George Michael, which was a rendition of “Fastlove.” After a couple verses into this song, Adele abruptly stopped and she said, “I can’t mess this up for him.” She then started over and repeated what she just sang. Even though this sounds like a living nightmare for most singers, the performance left singers like Halsey and Carrie Underwood crying appreciative tears. Adele’s humility and grace was more powerful than a pitch perfect performance.

Adele’s recognition at Grammys 2017 was well deserved and her raw performances were a testament of her talent. It will be exciting to see what is next in store for this sensational singer-songwriter.

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