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Sherlock Holmes Clock Tower Mystery Would be a Crime to Miss

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Sherlock Holmes, arguably the most well-known detective, is ready to help you solve a murder mystery about a terrible crime committed in turn-of-the-century London. Make sure to grab your magnifying glass, handcuffs, and notepad in order to condemn the horrific criminal who committed this treason.

From Feb. 11 through Sunday June 4, the Fleet Science Center presents an interactive murder-mystery exhibition called Sherlock Holmes and the Clock Tower Mystery. This family oriented interactive experience takes place in the upstairs gallery and typically takes one hour to complete.

Upon arrival, guests are given a Detective Guide where they can take notes and view a map of the rooms. The mystery is divided into eight different chapters, associated with eight different locations, and visitors are expected to answer clues before entering a new location.

The Clock Tower Mystery takes visitors back to the turn-of-the-century London, where Victorian London’s very own Sherlock Holmes is from. The unique experience of the Clock Tower Mystery gives visitors the chance to hear, smell, and see London from this time period. From a carnival sideshow, to a séance room, to interactive thumb prints, this experience makes visitors feel like they are detectives.

In the exhibit, there are texts and clues about Sherlock Holmes, which also gives participants the opportunity to see Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional private detective realistically. Additionally, it inspires visitors of all ages to think like a detective through deductive reasoning and observation.

This celebration of a famous detective and thrilling game can be experienced with friends, family, or on your own. It would also be a perfect for a school field trip, group entertainment, family outing, or even a date. Admission includes all of the Fleet’s interactive exhibits and one IMAX film.

Sherlock Holmes might be a fictional novel, but this interactive experience transforms the text from the pages into physical sounds, sights, and smells. Don’t miss the opportunity to work as Sherlock Holmes’ trusty assistant and go to Fleet’s Science Center to solve the Clock Tower Mystery.

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