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5 Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories People Actually Believe

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We live in wild times, that’s for sure. While sometimes life is stranger than fiction, there will always be those who get pulled way too far down the rabbit hole. Conspiracy theories can be fun, but there are some that are just too ridiculous to consider. 

Flat Earth Theory 

This is one ridiculous conspiracy that has made its way into the news as of late. Here we are in 2019, and with all of the research, videos, photos, and common sense (or lack thereof) we have, some people truly believe the Earth is flat. Members of the Flat Earth Society argue that the round Earth is actually conspiratorial propaganda propagated by NASA and the government. Often citing shoddy research and downright bogus sources, Flat Earthers will fight to the end to convince people the Earth is flat. What’s even worse is that this theory has been picked up by some big names, like rapper B.o.B, NBA star Kyrie Irving, and NFL receiver Stefon Diggs. Yikes. 

Lizard People 

Forget about UFOs and Area 51, some people believe that the world is run by shape-shifting lizard people called “Reptilians.” These creatures are apparently working with extraterrestrial aliens to enslave all humans, and counted among them are some of the worlds elite. Some of the proposed Reptilians include the Queen of England, Barack Obama, and superstar singer Justin Bieber. Yes, seriously. These Reptilians have supposedly been manipulating the course of world events for thousands of years, and seek to eventually enslave all humans and use them for, well, food. Yum! 

Space is Fake 

A large number of people online have been subscribing to one of the newer conspiracies: space is actually fake. People within this movement believe that space is merely an artificial light show projected above an endless plane of land and sea. They claim that the literal vast trove of photos and videos we have of space are completely fabricated, and the numerous satellites that humans have launched into space are just created using special effects. I’d imagine the astronauts currently aboard the International Space Station would be doubling over in side-splitting laughter if they heard about this. 

Denver Airport is the Epicenter of World Evil 

Those who follow the conspiracy of how the world is run by a shadowy organization known as the Illuminati also believe the Denver Airport serves as the headquarters for all the scary bad guys. They claim that the airport is home to strange symbols and markings, including a dedication to the Freemasons, strange artwork that depicts a New World Order, and much more. There is even talk of a vast underground network of tunnels used for nefarious research and spooky stuff. The best part? The airport is totally aware of its status as a conspiracy theory, and often puts out memes and other hilarious postings going along with it.

Dinosaurs Built the Pyramid of Egypt

And for my personal favorite, we have a conspiracy that dinosaurs helped ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramids. These line of belief come from creationists who accept the idea that dinosaurs coexisted with humans for a time. Vice French, an evangelist pastor, coined this idea, and stated that dinosaurs, which he calls “dinoceros” helped lay the massive stones of the Pyramids, because who else could have possibly done it? While we still don’t have a definitive answer as to how these magnificent structures were built, picturing a T-rex with its little arms helping move massive blocks of stone is just too funny. 

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