E&L TV Finds Out What Makes San Diego So Special

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Each month the San Diego Entertainer and Lifestyles Magazine (known to you as SDEntertainer) brings you E&L TV, which airs the first Sunday of every month on Channel 6, The CW at 5 p.m.

We make it a point every month to bring you the best San Diego has to offer, from amazing cuisine to relaxing cruises, and this month we decided to set out to discover just why our city is called “America’s Finest.” Whether you live here or are just visiting, some of the city’s finer attributes are glaringly obvious, like the sandy beaches and perfect year-round weather. However, there are some choice spots you should definitely take the time to check out. Each business is unique and run by individuals that really care about the community.

In Sunday’s show you’ll learn more about these special people offering great services in San Diego: Jennifer Ann with Jennifer Ann’s Spa, Sumi Campbell from Sumi’s Oven, The Sporting Club at Aventine, and Wayne and Pat Dunlap travel writers and authors of “Plan Your Escape.” Or continue reading for a preview of what we’ll be talking about on the show.

We have a surprise for you, but you’ll have to watch this month’s episode of E&L TV to find out! Okay…it’s an interview with reggae legend Matisyahu. Last month during the Del Mar Fair, the enigmatic young singer performed on stage as part of his national tour which promoted his new bold new studio album, Spark Seeker. We were lucky enough to have an exclusive interview with the singer but you’ll have to watch to find out what we talked about!

In the mean time, check out  Matisyahu performing Sunshine:

Jennifer Ann’s Spa

Even with the unbeatable perks of San Diego living, we locals sometimes need some extra help to unwind from the day’s frustrations and a luxury spa is always a great solution. We find that Jennifer Ann’s Spa is the perfect place to relax your stress away and enjoy some top-of-the-line pampering. While any time of year is a good time for a spa visit, it’s even better to visit now because of all the weddings and events happening. Jennifer Ann’s all-inclusive spa offers many different services, from wellness programs and special event coordination, to weddings, and more.

Sumi’s Oven

Now, speaking of wedding season, some of you may be looking for a great caterer and we’d like to introduce you to Sumi Campbell, of Sumi’s Oven in Carmel Mountain Ranch. This award-winning culinary artist creates the most delicious edible masterpieces, fulfilling every bride’s idea of the dream wedding cake and she loves every minute of it. Sumi’s skills were absorbed from her travels all over the world, whether it be a home-based business in Singapore or attending the world-renowned Culinary Institute of America in the ever-busy New York City. She even spent time in Washington D.C. further perfecting her cake decorating skills.

Sumi’s Oven has been chosen twice by Wedding Wire for its Bride Choice Awards and it is partly due to the fact that Sumi strives to always remain on top of wedding trends, providing fresh designs and concepts. Her cakes can range to the whimsical and frivolous designs, all the way to the ultra-realistic designs that make you question it’s actually a cake. A tasty, delicious cake even!

Though Sumi’s Oven is quite the find, there are many more out there, just waiting for you experience their culinary offerings. If you’re like many of us and you’ve already enjoyed many tasty foods (perhaps too much), then we know of a great place to burn off some of those extra calories. After all, with all these weddings springing up, we’re sure you’re going to want to look your best at all times. You never know when an event could happen.

The Sporting Club

The Sporting Club at the Aventine is a premiere health club and spa, here to offer you every amenity you could ever hope to have. The Club has tennis courts, a junior Olympic pool for you to live out your Gold Medalist fantasies, top-notch equipment, and well-qualified seasonal trainers that can help you successfully burn off unwanted fat.

Plan Your Escape

We know that summer happens to also be a time where many locals decide to pack up and travel to other parts of the world. Sometimes trekking to new countries and cities can be pretty expensive, especially if you’re traveling with a family. We think we’ve found just the book for you to check out before embarking on your journey. Pat and Wayne Dunlap are the authors of “Plan Your Escape, Secrets of Traveling the World for Less Than the Cost of Living at Home,” a book that provides tons of useful information and tips on costly travel. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a trip spanning months, this book has something for you.

The authors have had many different travel experiences themselves so they’re definitely qualified. You can rest assured knowing you aren’t accepting help from someone who’s never even left San Diego! They actually traveled the world for two years straight, having rented their home during their adventures. They also write for the Huffington Post and have even been recently offered their own television show. With countless examples in their book and personal blog, one of the things we were most interested in was their tips on traveling for less than $100 a day for a couple. With how they write about it, it definitely seems doable so we encourage you to check it out. For more information about the authors and their book, visit PlanYourEscapeNow.com and make sure to buy their book.

Mila Pantovich is the Lifestyle Editor at luxury magazine JustLuxe and runs her own entertainment site, Reel Obsession

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