Thirsty Thursday: Adult Push-Pops

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It’s officially summer, so to get you through the blazing days that are to come, we found the perfect thing treat. The Westgate Hotel has taken the popsicle, a summer staple, to a whole new level with their Adult Push-Pops. They have come up with three exclusive push-pop flavors for their Poolside Jazz Series menu, featuring Pina Colada, Margarita and Mojito. For their regular pool menu, they are featuring Serrano Margarita, Mezcal Orange Creamsicle, Mojito, Raspberry Rosé (my favorite) and Coconut Rum.

How to Make Adult Push Pops at Home

Try making these summer treats at home by adding some prosecco and fruit into a Push Pops mold, and you’ll have a yummy frozen treat. Try blending some fresh fruit, water, vodka and simple syrup and pour into some popsicle molds, and your friends will thank you later.

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