Enjoy Seasonal and Limited Beers on National Beer Day (April 7th)

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We live in a city known for its breweries and craft beer, so it’s not like we really need a reason to have a cold one.  But April 7th is National Beer Day, and that sounds like a cause for celebration. On National Beer Day, we celebrate the glorious day on which prohibition was officially abolished (or, if you love beer, you celebrate every day). On April 7th, it will be 84 years since President Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison Act into law. This law would finally allow people to brew and sell beer after thirteen long years of prohibition. As FDR stated when he signed the Act, “I think this would be a good time for a beer.”

Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or a novice, San Diego is one of the best places to be on this delightful day.  With over 100 breweries, San Diego can accommodate all tastes and preferences.

Here’s a list of beer that you’ll want to get your hands on while you can.  These brews are all either limited or seasonal, so hop to it!

Stone Barrel-Aged Milk Chocolate Porter

In Celebration of National Beer Day, Stone Brewery has their Barrel-Aged Milk Chocolate Porter on tap.  Aged in bourbon, tequila, and red wine barrels, this beer is full bodied: malty sweetness, lots of vanilla, and an aftertaste of chocolate. Did someone say dessert?

Modern Times Drop Art

Who doesn’t love a sour? Modern Times released Drop Art the first week of April, just in time to have a pour for National Beer Day. This beer is a sour saison with mango & orange zest. It’s tangy and tart with the best flavors of spring, and it’s basically everything you could ever want in a beer. Grab a can from the shelf! We are big fans of the geometric art on the packaging.

Green Flash Palette Wrecker

Palette Wrecker is back in the Green Flash rotation, so get it while the gettin’s good.  This hop-forward Imperial IPA won’t last long since it has a cult following and its limited release was back in February. We’re hoping that Palette Wrecker will be around to grace us for National Beer Day.

Culture Brewing Co. Seaweed Sour

The first weekend of April, Culture released their Seaweed Sour. Enjoy the true spirit of San Diego with this Berliner Weisse and its hints of Pacific seaweed.

Now go out and celebrate the 21st Amendment, all you party people.

Lauren lives in OB with her French bulldog, Elvis Presley. She loves laughter and the great outdoors. You can contact her at lauren@sdentertainer.com.

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