Yogurt Eating Contest: Many Prizes to be had for Winners

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Forget the hotdog and pie-eating contests; it’s all about frozen yogurt these days.

Fro-yo lovers who are 18 and over, can participate in the Second Annual Yogurt Eating contest on Monday, Aug. 28 presented by Red Cup Yogurt, 301 Mission Ave., Suite #130, Oceanside.

The prizes are: First Place, $175.00; Second Place, $75.00; and Third Place, $50.00. The First Place winner will also receive free entry into the 2011 competition. Everyone is a winner at Red Cup; all participants will get to keep their souvenir bucket and an “I Survived the Red Bucket Challenge” T-Shirt.

Red Cup is a self-serve fro-yogurt shop that typically offers more than 10 flavors and 50+ toppings that you prepare yourself by filling a cup, weighing and then paying for what you have created.

The competition will “be based on time of completion; there are 30 minutes to complete 8 pounds (about 1 gallon) of yogurt.”

The participant with the shortest time will be awarded First Place and so on and so forth,” according to Shop Manager Cynthia M. Sneller.

So, bring an empty stomach and a T-shirt you don’t care about since you’ll be eating quickly. Sneller, says participants will also be “given regulation Red Cup spoons and straws,” to compete in the contest.

She adds that the flavors for the event will be: Chocolate, Blueberry Lemonade, Cherry Tart, Chocolate covered Cherries, Vanilla, Peach Tart, and Peaches N’ Cream, Plain Tart, Blueberry (No sugar added), Lemonade, Cheesecake and Red Velvet Cake.

You can save yourself $10.00 if you register before the big event and if you don’t win, you’ve got to bust out $39.00.

Call (760) 637-2189 for more information.

Photo courtesy of  stu_spivack via flickr

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