Top Ramen Spots in San Diego

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Ramen is quickly becoming the biggest food trend of 2019, and San Diego is killin’ it in offering some of the finest spots to get your fix. Check out these must-try ramen spots for your next of bowl of noodly goodness.

Menya Ultra – Mira Mesa & Clairemont

This ramen chain has won several awards for its signature bowl of ramen noodles. Each bowl is served piping hot with a variety of flavors with noodles made in-house. The Paiko Tantan, made with Pork broth and spicy sesame chili oil is to absolutely, but all of their bowl are truly something special.

Yakitori Yayudori & Ramen – Kearny Mesa

This well-loved ramen spot provides its customers with only the best in noodle goodness. Each bowl is made with the finest ingredients and is quite easy to tell that the flavors and aromas are inspired and crafted from top-skilled chefs. The spicy miso with stir-fried minced pork, chive, and corn is sure to make you a ramen believer if you aren’t one already.

Nishiki Ramen – Kearny Mesa

House-made noodles is just one of the many aspects that make Nishiki Ramen one of the best spots in San Diego. This is a great place to visit if you’re looking for vegan/vegetarian options. Each bowl is served with a heart helping of tons of noodle additions, plus a kids menu that features fun tricolor pasta and a yogurt drink. Try out the Smoke Bomb Black Ramen, featuring a roasted black garlic sauce and tender pork belly.

Tajima Ramen – Multiple locations

This ramen joint has been on a crusade of providing the best in comfort cuisine to its customers. Here you’ll be able to build your own bowl of noodles, starting with several bases including tonkutso, miso, and chicken. From there, you can be the master of your ramen creations, with choices of toppings ranging from meats to ramen eggs or Japanese seaweed. You can even compliment your bowl with small a la carte items that will go perfectly with your ramen meal.

Ramen Ryoma – Pacific Beach

A newcomer to the San Diego ramen scene, this spot is already proving to be a great choice for noodle lovers. The soup stock here is made from boiling premium pork bones for nearly half a day to create their signature soup. The broth is known for being thick and perfectly seasoned, and if you’re a ramen egg kind of person, their eggs are cooked to perfection. The noodles, of course, are made in house, to top off this spot as being one of the go-to ramen locations in San Diego.

Raki Raki – Multiple Locations

RakiRaki serves a wide variety of ramen dishes and authentic Japanese cuisine including tsukemen (dipping noodles), charcoal-fired yakitori, curry, ramen burgers, and specialty sushi rolls along with local craft beer and sake selections. The original location on Convoy Street features an open kitchen concept, allowing guests to view the action. Guests can sip sake or a cold beer while watching all the excitement as chefs prepare each bowl of ramen “aburi” style, carefully adding fresh toppings flame-blistered to perfection.

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