Three New Locations For Shark Tank’s Cinnaholic in San Diego

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The sharks on Shark Tank really sunk their teeth into the Cinnaholic business, and now there are three locations in San Diego. For the past four years Cinnaholic has been a growing business that sells delicious and homemade vegan cinnamon rolls. These 100% vegan, dairy-free, lactose-free, egg-free, and cholesterol-free desserts will leave you with an amazing dessert and no guilt. The two people behind this completely natural treat is Shannon Michelle Radke and Florian Radke. Amanda has been vegetarian/vegan every since she watched PETA’s “Meet you Meat” video. She had a passion for baking15 and giving a voice to the animals, so her business inclined husband and her put their talents together to create the most amazing treat.

Florian had many successful business in Berlin, Germany so it’s no wonder that the sharks on Shark Tank saw an amazing opportunity within this couple. After meeting Shannon they decided to take the next step and fully follow their dreams with the help of Shark Tank. They went into the tank asking for $200,000 with a 20% stake in their company. With only about 500 calories in each bun, people will not hesitate to pamper themselves with these treats. In the end they made their official deal with Robert for $200,000 and 40% of their company earnings. Since this remarkable day, Cinnaholic has become the new hot spot for everyone out there with a wicked sweet tooth.

There are three new locations in San Diego: Cinnaholic Escondido, Cinnaholic San Diego Mission Valley, and Cinnaholic San Diego Pacific Beach. You can dress your cinnamon roll anyway you want with the numerous toppings and frosting flavors. Flavors include butterscotch, maple, lemon, raspberry, and much more. As for toppings you can choose from chocolate sauce, apples, other fruits, jams, and many other things that will make your taste buds very happy. Cinnaholic is also creating other tasty healthy treats such as cookies, brownies, and bite sized cinnamon rolls. These tasty desserts are perfect for anyone with a severe food allergy, or anyone who simply wants to get that “sweet tooth” fix. Cinnaholic is for everyone, which is why it is so successful. People keep coming back to try and mix and match flavors because you are the creator of your cinnamon bun.

These cinnamon rolls and treats are taking a dessert to a whole new level, and now you can be a part of the fun with all of the new locations sprouting up in San Diego. Keep your beach body this summer while indulging in these tasty vegan treats. Visit any of these San Diego locations with your friends for a fun summer outing, or simply pick up some tasty treats to go and bring them on a sunset picnic. Your taste buds will be craving these baked goods and you will never feel guilt while eating these vegan and homemade buns. Amanda and Florian have created a brand that can inspire us all and will also inspire us to try as many cinnamon bun flavors that we can possibly think of.

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