Summer Dinner Party Ideas

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Summer is about BBQ’s, beach days, and of course, dinner parties. Dinner parties don’t always consist of sophisticated conversation and glasses of wine, but they can. Dinner parties can be interpreted in different ways and we’re here to show you how to incorporate this activity into your summer nights.

Outdoor Summer Skies

There is nothing better than an outdoor dinner party to set the mood for summer. Invite your friends and family over for a big BBQ filled with chicken, burgers, and caprice skewers. Caprice skewers are a yummy way to essentially eat a salad on a stick. Just put some tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil on a stick and roll it in some balsamic dressing. From delicious salads to the outdoor BBQ smell, you can enjoy the laid back dinner party with a beer in your hand and friends by your side.

Sophisticated Summer

It summer which means it’s time to wine and dine with your friends. If you want a black tie evening, then a sophisticated dinner party is all you need. Set the table with all white theme and dark color accents such as maroon or dark green. An all white theme with these colored accents will add a sense of sophistication and classiness to your meal. Create dishes in your crock pot such as a roast, that can cook all day while you are setting up and cooking potatoes, vegetables, and putting together dessert. An essential aspect of a sophisticated party is of course, appetizers and cocktails. Create the perfect cocktail hour with finger food appetizers and everyone’s favorite wine.

Beach Summer Vibes

Bring your meal to the beach! If you want to have a dinner party with a view, then the beach is the perfect place for you. Have everyone over to your house before to make delicious sandwiches and everyone can pack what they want to eat. This makes the meal preparation fun and interactive, and then you can go to the beach to enjoy the food, company, and the sunset.

Bohemian Outdoors

Have your dinner party be filled with trendy vibes and soothing decorations. Decorate the trees in your backyard with little white lights, and put beautiful flower centerpieces on the table. Create a meal that everyone will love that can include light summer salads and delicious appetizers that can be pared with your favorite glass of wine. It’s all about ambiance and good company.

Picnic at Sunset

Dinner parties don’t have to be fancy. Create a low-key vibe while having a picnic at sunset with all your favorite foods in a picnic basket. Perfect picnic foods can include your favorite sandwiches and delicious vegetables and dips. Create the perfect summer night with this laid back dinner party with all your friends. Don’t forget to bring homemade cookies for dessert in order to create the perfect meal in the best atmosphere.

You can turn this summer into a never ending party with delicious food and your best friends.

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