“The Best Drink Ever” at Better Buzz

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Step away from the usual Starbucks coffee in the morning, to try something new and refreshing. There are numerous uniquely styled coffee shops in San Diego, including Better Buzz Coffee.  Life is “better buzzed” at Better Buzz Coffee, and the refreshing drinks will not disappoint. Julia Deocampo, one of the mangers at the Pacific Beach location says, “We’re best known for ‘the best drink ever’, it’s a majority of what people get”. The best drink ever really does live up to its name, with its sweet taste and ability to make your body jitter with excitement (and caffeine).

This specific location is very special, considering it was the first Better Buzzed opened. Julia says, “I fee like we have a sense of community with regulars, and we’re very humble”. This delicious coffee shop has a loyal community that will wait in long lines just to get a sip of ‘the best drink ever’ while being in a friendly environment. Some of the other handcrafted brews that are available are the Honey Latte and the Mint Mocha Latte. The Honey Latte will tingle your taste buds with honey and steamed milk, while the Mint Mocha Latte will make your mouth burst with creamy mint flavor.

You can bring your books and computer to study in this cute and trendy environment while sipping on your favorite blended drink. Switch it up from the usual coffee shops you visit, and be intrigued with the hot coffee and acai bowls. People will drive from far destinations just so they can be a part of the Better Buzz lifestyle. There is a drive through for your convenience, and is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to leave the comfort of their car.

Two of the special summer time drinks are the Macnut Buzz and the Blackberry Mint Green Tea. Both of these unique drinks will refresh your body and taste buds during the hot months ahead. Aside from astounding coffee, Better Buzz also has tasty food. There is 3 seed avocado toast and feta avocado toast that will fill your mornings with delicious bites, and amazing flavor. You can also choose from a variety of fresh muffins and sweet French pastries, that can be complimented by your iced vanilla latte. Better Buzz provides you with a variety of choices for both beverage and pastries, while giving you an upbeat environment to start your day.

The quirky environment is one of the best characteristics of this establishment. The friendly staff and their willingness to make sure you enjoy your experience, adds to the overall vibe of Better Buzzed Coffee. There is something here for everyone, whether you want hot sandwiches, iced coffee, a trendy Instagram, or a fun environment to study, Better Buzz can provide you with this experience. Put down your Starbucks cup, and make your way down to Better Buzz to try ‘the best drink ever’ and have a fun morning study session with your best friends. Start your mornings, and end your day, “buzzed”.

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