McRib is back at McDonalds

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McDonald’s McRib Sandwich is back for a limited time. As of November 2 McDonald’s infamous sandwich is back on the menu.  If you are one of the die hard fans of the McRib, go and get your fill now because it will be off the menu as of December 5th.

The McRib sandwich has created quite a stir. The phenomenon of the McRib lies in the fact that people love the sandwich and will go to crazy lengths to get one. What keeps the interest alive? The sandwich is only available every so often which keeps fans’ taste buds on high alert.

McDonalds says the sandwich is “so hearty, so filling, it sticks to your ribs. Lucky ribs.” I’m not sure how lucky though… If you look at the nutrition facts, the only thing that’s going to stick to you is an extra few LBs. With 500 calories and 26g of fat (10g are saturated fat), and 980mg of sodium, it is probably a good thing it’s only available for a limited time.

The McRib first hit the McDonald’s menu in 1981 and since then people around the world have enjoyed the rib-shaped pork patty soaked in barbeque sauce. McDonald’s is even offering a free trip to Germany if you send in your tale of the McRib legend. The McDonalds site says, “Legends aren’t born, they are made — with total, saucy goodness. Let us explore the so-awesome-they-might-be-true stories behind the one, the only, the McRib…Your personal account of boneless pork history could win you a trip to Germany where your favorite sandwich is served year ’round, plus a check for a cool $10,000.” See the videos and learn how to enter.

Are you a fan? Find a McRib near you with the McRib locator map: http://www.kleincast.com/maps/mcrib.php

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