Marriott Marquis and Stone Brewing to release new lager

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Sometimes, you have to get a taste of different things you’ve seldom tried in your life.

Well now, that chance is near.

On December 1, Marriott Marquis & Marina Kitchen and Stone Brewing will be rolling out a new craft lager that has recently been in the works. The new drink is called the Black Hive Lager, which was originally brewed at the Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens at Liberty Station. The lager is brewed from a product of wildflower honey, which was concocted on the rooftop of The Marriott Marquis San Diego’s Marina Kitchen to promote bee conservation.

The Black Hive Lager will only be available at The Marina Kitchen, which is located at 333 W Harbor Dr.

But this isn’t your average brewery.

In fact, Stone Brewing (SB) is the largest of its kind within the beer-making business in Southern California. After its Founding in 1996, SB quickly became widely known in the United States by receiving critical acclaim. In 2015, they were voted by the collaborative effort by readers of Beer Advocate as, “All Time Top Brewery on Planet Earth,” including four spots on their “Top 250 Beers List” as well.

In the same year, SB was also featured in brewersassociation.org in the top 10 out of 50 craft brewing companies in the United States in terms of sales volume. Additionally, they also cracked the top 15 list within the same category in comparison to 50 overall brewing companies as well. According to the San Diego Union Tribune, They eventually brewed 325,645 US beer barrels in in that same time span.

After operating out of their original location in San Marcos, the expansive brewery moved to their new custom-made building in Escondido in 2006, which allowed them to produce in larger mass quantities than in the past.

Finally, in May of 2013, SB opened their current restaurant in Liberty Station building—a large 23,500 square foot facility which cost about $8 million with a 700 seating capacity. In that same year, they also opened a small location within the San Diego International Airport.

Conservation hasn’t been a new concept for SB either.

In the summer of 2008, they covered their brewery with solar panels which decreased their energy costs while reducing carbon emissions by a significant margin. However, that’s merely a small portion of their conservation efforts. According to an interview with Fox Business News, SB started an intricate water recycling process in 2014 in attempts to combat the drought on their front.

“We have water reclamation at Stone,” said Mitch Steele, Stone’s Brewmaster.  “All liquid that goes down drains in the brewery—brewery liquid, not from the restaurants or restrooms—we treat with an aerobic digestion process and a series of filtrations.  The water out the back end is pure as can be and we reuse it for more cleaning.”

Indeed, their conservation efforts coupled with their elite beer quality lend to the prestige and popular allure of SB.

Rest assured to both beer aficionados and amateurs alike, Stone Brewery does not disappoint with its renowned beer flavors. So make sure to explore your taste horizons with their upcoming Black Hive Lager to either celebrate your Thanksgiving vacation or prepare for Christmas.

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