Jack’s, La Jolla unexpectedly closes its doors

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Photo from 'avlxyz' via Flikr

Photo from 'avlxyz' via Flikr

If you’ve ever pondered where to go out in San Diego, Jack’s La Jolla was probably a choice you came across. With many loyal followers, Jack’s was well known for multiple levels of restaurants, bars and dancing.  Unfortunately this La Jolla trademark is closed its doors for the last time Thursday. Needless to say, community members and employess were shocked to hear the news.

Other than economic woes, it is unclear exactly what contributed to the closure. It’s been a difficult time for the restaurant industry. One of the first things to go when you’re tightening your budget is dining out, especially in more upscale areas of San Diego like La Jolla.

Jack’s closure leaves a gaping hole in the neighborhood landscape as well as the La Jolla and San Diego nightlife scene. It was a unique experience that is not easily matched by other clubs and restaurants.

If you’re looking for a new place to try, you’ll be hard pressed to find other clubs of similar caliber in the area. For a list of other nightlife and San Diego dining spots to fill the void, check out our nightlife directory and dining directory listings.

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