Grub Burger Bar Brings New Taste, Feel to San Diego

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Are you dying to stimulate your taste buds with the ride of its life?

If you are looking for a casual ambiance alongside fresh quality food, then Grub Burger Bar may be the quintessential fit for the stringent burger connoisseur.

The new restaurant, which first opened its doors in August of this year, has began its first establishment in San Diego and southern California at large.

The burger joint offers a new, fresh take on burgers at a surprisingly affordable price. In an era where it is considered almost commonplace to pay over $10 for a burger or sandwich, this relatively new establishment offers all of its burger options below that benchmark.

Perhaps one of the unfeigned features of the restaurant are its sleek interior design. Unlike many other burger joints, the Grub Burger Bar comes outfitted with a large patio area for outdoor seating, pristine glossy tables with a wooden finish, and a full-scale bar.

Although it will be embarking on its first southern California venture, Grub Burger is not a novice to the restaurant scene. In fact, the nationwide chain also accounts for 17 other locations spanning from Tyler, Texas to Willow Grove, Philadelphia.

It can suffice to say that this rich dining experience is in part thanks to the emphasis on making fresh food.

Grub Burger boasts its sedulous practice of hand-baking its buns every hour along with daily cooking of its burger meats—in the form of chucks and briskets. The burger joint also offers an assortment of homemade sauces and dressings while accruing many of their food sources from local areas.

Indeed, this new culinary scene can be comparable to Fuddruckers, which is has been commonly touted for its welcoming environment and delectable burger options.

If you are willing to treat yourself to an affordable, unique and wholesome experience -the portions are quite considerable- then make your way to 12045 Carmel Mountain Rd, Suite 303 | San Diego, CA 92128.


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