Free Starbucks Coffee Today if You Bring in Reusable Mug

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Since 2004, Starbucks has been increasing their efforts towards reducing their carbon footprint and protecting their environmentally responsible name.  However, a Fast Company Article published in October 2010 pointed out the “Starbucks Dilemma” -namely the fact that roughly 3 billion paper cups stamped with the Starbucks logo is dumped into landfills every year in the U.S.

According to their Climate Strategy Report developed in 2004, the Seattle-based company is dedicated to shrink their environmental footprint by “conserving energy and water, reducing the waste associated with [their] cups, increasing recycling and incorporating green design into [their] stores.”

In light of this, Starbucks recently announced a pilot program to recycle its disposable cups, beginning with Vancouver, B.C. but ultimately reducing its waste worldwide.  The program is set to introduce mutli-receptable recycling bins in stores, indicating where to discard cups, lids and sleeves.

“Our target is that by 2015 we have recycling available for our customers in all of our stores worldwide where we control waste collection and to serve 25 percent of beverages in reusable cups,” said Jim Hanna, director  of environmental impact for Starbucks.

Starbucks dispenses roughly 4 billion paper cups every year across the globe.  Currently, only 5 percent of Starbucks stores recycle cups, most of which are in cities like Seattle where it is mandated by law.  Starbucks has tried to market reusable mugs and tumblers, offering a 10-cent discount on coffee when customers bring in their own cup.  Despite this efforts, a meager 1.5 percent of Starbucks beverages are actually served in reusables.

But Starbucks is still fighting hard to preserve it’s environmentally-friendly image.  That is why, in honor of Earth Day today, Starbucks is providing eco-conscious customers with FREE hot or iced coffee, as long as you supply your own reusable mug.  It may be one small step for you, but it is one giant leap for Starbucks.

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