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You’re rushing in the morning to get to work – shoving breakfast in your mouth without a chance to even consider preparing a lunch. You’re busy all day with back to back meetings, only to have to order a last-minute, and probably unhealthy, meal from an app or venture out of the office to search for food. Not only does this waste time, but when our hunger is strong our willpower is weak, so we usually end up neglecting our health goals and settling for a junk food option. We’ve all been there.

Farmer’s Fix, a San Diego salad delivery company, is providing a solution to the hectic madness. The easiest way to eat healthy in America’s Finest City, Farmer’s Fix delivers delicious and nutritious salads weekly directly to homes or offices, eliminating the hassle and expense of ordering food last minute or the time spent traveling to the grocery store and preparing meals.

“Our goal is to supply San Diegans with the most simplified and sustainable way to eat healthy,” said Tawei David Lin of Farmer’s Fix. “We understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes commitment, and we aim to provide convenience without sacrificing nutrition. Your easiest food choice should be your healthiest.”

Co-founders Tawei David Lin and Doug Murphy were all too familiar with the struggle to eat healthy while working that 9-to-5 life. Before creating Farmer’s Fix, they both worked in traditional desk jobs, sitting in front of a computer screen all day and embarking on long business trips. In both situations they never had the time, energy or resolve to plan healthy eating.

“From firsthand experience Doug and I know what it’s like to have good intentions for leading a healthy lifestyle, but to struggle to squeeze it into your schedule,” said Lin. “We wanted to provide a solution for so many other busy bodies in similar situations, and so Farmer’s Fix was born. “

Living a healthy lifestyle is a two-part equation that includes staying active and eating well. The second part is where Farmer’s Fix comes in. Making a healthy meal means selecting a recipe, going to the grocery store, preparing the ingredients and tidying up your kitchen at the end of it all – an exhaustive process that can take over an hour of your precious time. With Farmer’s Fix, all you do is set up a subscription online once, and Farmer’s Fix takes care of the rest. They select ingredients from Specialty Produce, prepare the salads and deliver them directly to your doorstep. Consuming is as simple as grabbing one out of the fridge!

But maybe you’re someone who already does your due diligence in committing to weekly trips to the grocery store and purchasing vegetables (with the intent) to meal prep for the week ahead.  But at the end of the week, aren’t we all guilty of opening the fridge on Sunday and feeling disappointed in our poor meal planning? We sadly dump the leftover fruits and veggies because we either forgot we bought them or didn’t want to be stuck eating the same thing the entire week.

With Farmer’s Fix, you get to enjoy a variety of meals throughout the week by choosing from a constantly expanding menu of more than 15 unique flavors. They carry anything from Kalefornia Dreamin,’ a sweet and tangy customer favorite, to Thai Forbbiden Rice, with an ingredient originally eaten only by emperors! Even though Farmer’s Fix is a subscription, you can switch up your flavor selection any time before Wednesday at 11 p.m. before your delivery. If you have any special dietary needs, Farmer’s Fix has got you covered – about half their flavors are gluten free and/or vegan. Their all-vegetarian menu includes ingredients with enough protein to power through the day, whether from superfood lentils or quinoa or farro. But for those meat lovers out there, they’ve recently rolled out a chicken protein add-on option (stay tuned for additional protein add-ons in the near future).

Farmer’s Fix is not only good for your personal health goals, it’s also good for the environment! The salads come in compostable containers, and are delivered in reusable green coolers. Just leave the cooler outside for your next delivery, and your next batch of salads will be left in there for you. Not to mention, with the recent local plastic bag ban, the coolers are great for grocery runs!

The current menu consists of the following:

  • Sultan Kale: Baby kale, farro, fennel, apple, snow pea, sultana raisin, walnut, parmesan cheese
  • Pearl Couscous: Spinach, couscous, cherry tomato, slivered almond, red bell pepper, feta, scallion, mint
  • Thai Forbidden Rice: Baby kale, forbidden rice, snap peas, yellow bell pepper, honey roasted peanut, bean sprout, scallion
  • Kalefornia Dreamin’: Baby kale, red bell pepper, granny smith apple, dried cranberry, queso fresco, honey roasted peanut, red onion
  • Provencal Lentil: Arugula, castelvetrano olives, celery, feta, organic lentils du Puy, mint, pistachio, shallot
  • Quetzalcoatl Quinoa: Cherry tomato, cucumber, mint, parsley, yellow bell pepper, red organic quinoa
  • Autumn Baby Spinach: Apple, cranberry, fennel, roasted pecan, red bell pepper, shallot, spinach, yellow bell pepper
  • Chopped Chinese: Carrot, celery, red bell pepper, red onion, scallion, sesame stick, snap pea, spring mix
  • Farro Vegetable: Almond, arugula, celery, organic farro, feta cheese, kalamata olive, red bell pepper, scallion
  • Field and Garden: Carrot, castelvetrano olive, corn, farro, pistachio, scallion, spinach, yellow bell pepper
  • Greek: Arugula, chickpea, European cucumber, feta cheese, kalamata olive, parsley, pepperoncini, pistachio, red bell pepper, red onion
  • Mediterranean: Cherry tomato, European cucumber, farro, mint, parsley, poblano pepper, red onion, yellow bell pepper
  • Southwest: Cherry tomato, cilantro, corn, poblano pepper, quinoa, red onion, spring mix, sunflower seed
  • Tarragon Lentil: Castelvetrano olive, organic lentils du Puy, parmesan, shallot, spinach, tarragon, walnut, yellow bell pepper
  • Poppyseed Pear: Apple, dried cranberry, feta cheese, pear, pecan, spinach

If you’re ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle and have more time to do the things you love, set up a subscription at www.myfarmersfix.com.

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