Should You be Eating a Big Breakfast?

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In the midst of our busy lives, breakfast is a common casualty that is nixed from our routines for the sake of sleeping a few extra minutes or getting to work early. Skipping breakfast can have some negative consequences though, which can lead to problems with weight, health, and even your ability to focus throughout the day. Here are some benefits you can gain if you choose to eat a big breakfast before heading out for the day. 

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Curbs cravings and stabilizes your weight 

Treating yourself to a big breakfast can actually have a profound effect on curbing your cravings later on in the day. Skipping breakfast only delays the inevitable hunger pangs you feel later on, and those cravings often cause people to make bad decisions with their diet. Instead, try eating a substantial breakfast packed with healthy choices. This will leave you full throughout your day and will help you avoid unhealthy snacks later on. 

It will boost your metabolism 

While we sleep, our bodies go into repair mode and our metabolism slows to a crawl. In the mornings, it’s ready to rev up again at full speed, so taking advantage of this by eating a big breakfast will allow your body to process a meal efficiently. After maintaining this habit, your metabolism will begin to regulate, leaving you feeling healthier and ready to burn more calories. 

Your focus will improve 

There’s a reason that teachers used to tell us to eat a big breakfast the morning before a big test. Food is a major factor in determining our concentration throughout the day. Waking up can leave us groggy and feeling a lack of focus, but fueling your body up with a big breakfast can have a radical impact in priming your mind for the day. When we wake up, our blood sugar levels are low leading to that feeling of lethargy and drowsiness. A breakfast packed with vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids has been shown to increase brain functioning, giving you a valuable head start to your day. 

You will be in a better mood 

When staking up all of the benefits mentioned above, eating a big breakfast will leave you in an overall better mood than if you choose to skip it altogether. For the most part, people who choose to fuel their bodies up before taking on the challenges of each day are usually in a better mood than those that do not. While eating a big breakfast may be tough at first, your body will quickly adapt to elevated levels of nourishment in the mornings, leaving you with an overall better feeling of wellness. 

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