Good Food on a Beautiful Day: Snacks You Should Try

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The end of summer may be here, but that doesn’t mean that the weather is going to change any time soon. Before the weather cools down mid-November, make sure you’er not asking yourself, “Did I take advantage of San Diego’s amazing summer life this year? Could I have experienced more?” While there is no way to experience all the great fun this city has to offer, there are certain foods that are easy to obtain and endlessly enjoyable. Read on to learn about the excellent summer snacks you should try before autumn rears its head.

Ice Cream

On those hot San Diego nights, there are few better ways to cool off than with a nice ice cream cone. Most people were introduced to this sugary food when they were children, but ice cream is so delicious that many continue to eat it well into adulthood. And why shouldn’t they? Ice cream is fun to eat, tastes heavenly, and comes in an endless variety of flavors. Go-to favorites like Ben & Jerry’s, Häagen-Dazs and Breyers are nice, but you can also try local favorites Mariposa Ice Cream or Moosie’s Ice Cream in the Normal Heights area.


An ideal snack for hikes or evenings at the beach, jerky can keep your energy up throughout a whole summer’s day. If you are tired of jerky’s traditional taste, new and fun flavors are always available. Jerky also offers protein, zinc, and iron. Depending on the brand you purchase, jerky has little to no fat. Try out Jack Link’s, Country Archer Provisions or Krave.


It is hard to imagine a summer’s day without popsicles. These sugar-filled, colorful treats have delighted people young and old for over a century. Refreshing as a glass of water, tasty as candy, popsicles hold a special place in the hearts of many. Before the summer is over, you should enjoy one, or two, or five.

Cotton Candy

A favorite for amusement parks and county fairs, cotton candy is a summer snack you should try because it instantly brings back waves of nostalgia. The way cotton candy tastes, how it melts in your mouth, even the way it is prepared instantly reminds one of the carefree summers of yesteryear. Did you know you could buy cotton candy? TryCharms Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy, Unicornucopia Unicorn Barf Rainbow Cotton Candy or Fun Sweets Cotton Candy.

Kettle Corn

Can you even say you enjoyed the summer if you did not eat a whole bag of kettle corn by yourself? Kettle corn is an incredibly addictive food insofar that you can eat it for hours and hours without ever losing interest. Wonderful summer days are spent munching on their delectable crunch. If you are the sort who likes to play with their food, it is also fun to see if you can toss a piece into a friend’s mouth. Most farmers markets sell fresh varieties, but you can get store bought versions too.

Enjoy some of these flavors and savor the last of summer weather as we head into fall!

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