Love Breakfast? All day Breakfast locations in San Diego

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It’s such a shame that breakfast officially ends at 11:00AM. Especially for those who don’t have enough time at the start of their day to make it in a restaurant before 11:00AM. If only breakfast was later. If only there could be breakfast for lunch.

Fortunately for you breakfast-lovers, there are many rebellious restaurants in San Diego that choose to bend the rules and serve breakfast throughout the mornings and afternoons. Check out these popular breakfast spots that are easy on the wallets and more than satisfying, and never again worry about missing this vital meal!

  • Kono’s Cafe (Pacific Beach): Open 7:00AM-3:00PM Monday-Friday and 7:00AM-4:00PM Saturday-Sunday. Kono’s Cafe serves American and Hawaiian style dishes, and is famous for its large portions, breakfast combo plates, and beautiful ocean view, “so not only do you get to eat delicious food but you get an amazing view to enjoy while eating” says Jae S. (Yelp).
  • Hash House A Go Go (Hillcrest): Open for breakfast Mon-Fri 7:30AM-2:00PM and Sat-Sun 7:30AM-2:30PM. Also known for its generous portions, Hash House has won numerous awards for its breakfast/brunch selection including ABC 10 News’ “Best Brunch 2009” and Nickelodean’s “Best Breakfast Parent’s Pick.” Hash House serves American style breakfasts, and is particularly famous for their “Sage Fried Chicken” and their Benedicts.
  • Broken Yolk (Pacific Beach): Open daily 6:00AM-3:00PM. Broken Yolk is a San Diego favorite, specializing in American, Latin, and Mexican style breakfasts, and was featured in the June 16th episode of Man vs. Food where Adam Richman took on the “Iron Man Challenge”–finishing a 12-egg omelet. In addition to the delicious variety of dishes, this restaurant also has numerous souvenirs that regulars and travelers alike can purchase and take with them such as T-shirts, mugs, and sweatshirts.
  • The Mission (Hillcrest): Open daily 7:00AM-3:00PM. The Mission serves American Asian, Latin, and Mexican breakfasts. “If you LOVE breakfast, then this is the place to have it,” says K.H. (Yelp). Others diners rave about the “2+2+2=6 Two Blackberry Pancakes, Two Scrambled Eggs and Two Strips of Bacon for $6.00” special that they offer Monday-Friday —a great deal for those who want to get more than their money’s worth of breakfast!

Despite these restaurants’ gracious breakfast hours, it is crucial to keep in mind the importance of eating a healthy, timely breakfast at the start of your day. Why is this so important? Well to start, breakfast is the most important meal because it provides you with the energy that you need to get through your day. You wouldn’t drive your car without filling it up with gas, or it will not run: your body is the same, and will not function properly without getting its share of nutrients at the start of the day.

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