“Hodad’s Too” to Open in “Sept-ober”

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Nobody in their right minds would voluntarily wait for 60-90 minutes for a burger—unless it’s a Hodad’s burger we’re talking about!

Hodad’s, located in Ocean Beach, has been a San Diego favorite since 1969 when Byron and Virginia Hardin first started serving these now famous burgers right on the beach. Today, in its current Ocean Beach location, Hodad’s draws in mobs of hungry people, creating long lines that extend down the street and around the corner.

Normally, people would not tolerate such a wait, but it seems that they have made an exception for Hodad’s.

Though Hodad’s originated from humble beginnings, it has grown to be a nationally recognized hamburger joint. CNN called it one of the top 5 hamburger joints in the US, and was featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. With this much publicity and popularity, its no wonder that people are dying to have a taste of this world famous burger regardless of the insanely long wait.

Fortunately for those patient people who have endured the wait, Hodad’s has announced

that they will be opening another location, called “Hodad’s Too,” downtown on Broadway in a location that is twice the size of the Ocean Beach shop. People are skeptical as to whether or not it will be the same as the one in Ocean Beach without having the beach within view or without all of the license plates decorating the walls, license plates that were given to them over time by the customers. Co-owner Mike Hardin expressed that he hopes that Hodad’s Too will grow “organically” just as the first one did.

Hodad’s management say that they expect the new joint to open early this fall: “Sept-ober” as they call it. Until then, guess we’ll just have to endure the lines! But be sure to brace yourself for burger heaven!

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