Apple pies make the fall season so nice

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Julian Apple Pies complete the fall season ( Photo by Robert S. Donovan via Flickr)

Julian Apple Pies complete the fall season ( Photo by Robert S. Donovan via Flickr)

When summer turns to fall it is normally associated with the changing color in foliage, cooler nights, warmer clothing and crackling fireplaces bringing families together. However, as of today it is currently 74 degrees in San Diego. Not exactly the fall scenario many people imagine in the middle of October.

Even though we may celebrate Thanksgiving in shorts and flip flops it doesn’t mean the feeling of fall can’t be enjoyed. San Diego is home to one of the best apple pies anyone could ever enjoy; more specifically, Julian Apple Pies.

For those who have never had the opportunity to gain three glorious pounds from one these delicious pies, it is one of the very few holiday treats I would deem necessary to break a diet for.  Julian Apple Pies are wonderfully crispy, flaky, fresh, more-than-one-piece appropriate, heavenly desserts.

The idea of sneaking away to secretly consume the entire pan of perfection swirls in the mind after just one slice.  If this taste bud tango ever occurred, the first rationalization would be, “well it has apples in it, so it’s somewhat healthy.” If you never eaten a Julian Apple Pie, this may sound ridiculous. Eat just one slice, then try and say it’s ridiculous.

Visit the Julian apple orchards (Photo by gumdropgas via Flickr)

Visit the Julian apple orchards (Photo by gumdropgas via Flickr)

This time of year is the perfect time to enjoy a Julian Apple Pie because apple harvest season is in full swing.  Apple Days in Julian runs until November 15 and the historic mining town is filled with daytime events making the trip up the curvy mountainside a fun filled day. The apple orchards in Julian are the key to the sweet delicate taste created in the Julian Apple Pie. Many of the orchards in Julian are open to the public to come and pick apples. Check online for open orchards for the 2009 season and entry fees.

Mom’s Pie shop located at 2119 Main Street puts these pies on display with their large front store window. Pie lovers can watch as these pies are created from start to finish, then purchase the finished product. In 1989 the Julian Pie Company opened and now they offer over 20 different pies through online ordering.  In order to enjoy the freshness of the apple-licious delicacies, the Julian Pie Company offers 2-day or even overnight shipping for those dreaming about the pies but can’t make the trip.

My suggestion is to make the trip. It doesn’t matter where you live in San Diego, the trip to Julian for fresh apple pies is worth it.  They have so many neat historical sites and events, making a whole day in Julian and ending with an apple pie is a necessity for the fall season.

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