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“In the Heights” sings its way into San Diego’s heart!

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The lights dim down and feet are moving across the stage. You hear scratching of sneakers against the cold theater floor, and up-beat tunes blasting from the speakers. A strong voice appears, “Turn up the lights because we are taking a flight to the day in the life of Washington Heights!” Joseph Morales, also known as Usnavi, introduces the show with an amazing presence on the stage. The cast members scurry around and get into position….and so the show begins!

The “In the Heights”  musical is about a small, but dynamic community in New York’s Washington Heights. The neighborhood is always alive with the sun shining down, people running through the streets finding some shade, and a hot breeze blowing through the brick buildings.

Washington Heights is full of culture and tradition that is seen across the state of New York. They cherish their culture and where they have all come from. And the inspiring stories that surround the Washington Heights streets are bigger than life itself.

The story follows the lives of characters, chronicling their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. The love the community shares for one another can not be missed, and it makes this musical stand apart from all others that have hit the Broadway stages. The Washington Heights community embraces what they are given, and will go above and beyond for each other.

“In the Heights” expresses more than just a one-dimension story, but rather a range of stories that any audience member can relate to; a love story, a self-discovery, and a community becoming one. You will have no problem finding your own personal connection in this charismatic and exciting musical.

The cast brings these stories alive with their powerful voices and thrilling choreography. You will not be let-down! Hearing soft melodies intertwine with the rapping and smooth voice of Joseph Morales, you will surely want to stay put in your seat.

The Entertainer spoke with one of the cast members about her role in this heart-warming musical. Natalie Toro has been on stage since she could remember, “I performed at the Apollo Theatre when I was little with a 5-piece band.” Now she is on the stage playing the role of Camille, a mother and wife in the Washington Heights community.

Toro explained her feelings towards such a one-of-a-kind musical. “The audience can really connect with the musical because of its amount of love and community feeling.”

This Tony Award winning musical has been touring the country since its debut in 2008 and made a stop in San Diego for a limited time at Civic Theater. The critically acclaimed musical is touring across the country now. You won’t want to miss the astounding voices, the incredible choreography, and the captivating story of Washington Heights!

For dates and show times of upcoming shows at the Civic Theater and the Balboa Theater, check out:

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