“Sight and Sound” – Showcasing some of SD’s finest art and music

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Located in a small, inconspicuous building, Sight & Sound is beginning to establish its foothold as one of the major players in the push to promote up-and-coming artists and musicians in the San Diego community. Since its inception just over a year ago, Sight & Sound has been featured at Kava Lounge, Bamboo Lounge, and now at Planet Rooth Studios and the 4 Walls Gallery in North Park.

The creators of this event, Adam Rosen and Jon Block, both attended Torrey Pines High School and both where in a band since the age of fourteen. They had, as Jon puts it, “always wanted to do something creative together,” and found the “right balance,” with the Sight & Sound idea.

Sight & SoundFrom their love and passion of the creative arts, Rosen and Block soon came to realize that Sight & Sound was the perfect fit for what they wanted. A goal, as Jon would put it, was to “elevate the importance of art in people’s lives.” They knew that people express themselves creatively in different ways, and it is often hard to get recognition and exposure. Together they felt that Sight & Sound is not only their duty as art and music enthusiasts, but it is their privilege as well to provide such an outlet.

Along with Block and Rosen’s overwhelming desire to provide a new avenue for artists to get exposure, they also feel that what they are doing is crucial to the people as well.

“Going to such events provides more substance and worth to the average person,” says Block. He said they are better off to go to one of these events instead of going down and “bumping and grinding at the Gaslamp,” and on a spiritual level provide so much more then that of a night at the bars. They feel that the energy that is presented at these events is beneficial to anyone and everyone, and they try to present that energy at every event they throw. From the beginning, they felt that what they were doing had such a higher purpose than that of solely entertaining, and that purpose was to bring something truly substantial to the people and the artists that attend these events.

As Block continued, he stated, that as with all things that are fresh and new, they too had a period of “trial and error,” in which they had to figure out all the key components that made Sight & Sound what it is today. Once those components emerged, they have had a steady base of attendees who come every month, and are dedicated, and love what they are doing. They have also had a steady influx of new and fresh faces that come to the event and love it, with one saying, “what Block and Rosen are doing is a great service to the community and artists.” This sentiment is not only inferred by the people but by the artists as well.

Brianna, from Skin Tight Body Art, holds Block and Rosen in very high regard for their efforts and contribution to the artistic community. Brianna says, “It is just truly amazing what they are doing,” and that they have gained her total and complete respect for their cause.

Block says that what they do is from the “ground up” every month, and they actively search for the musicians and artists that they want to feature, but also take those in that ask to be involved. Block feels that some artists should be more proactive and join the Sight & Sound cause, and with their active participation they can help the cause grow and grow.

With an emphasis on visual art, Block and Rosen also place a large, if not larger, emphasis on the musical side of their event. Block says he tries to attend as many open mics as he can to see who’s out there and what is deserving of recognition. He also notes that The Apes of Wrath has always been a band that has been side by side with them during the fruition of Sight & Sound, and was on board since the beginning, helping in any way they can. These types of groups and individuals that stay committed and contribute to the cause has allowed the event to plant its seed in the creative arts community.

Branching from a belief amongst two individuals to a full-blown production, Sight & Sound is giving art lovers and people of all walks of life a breath of fresh air. Supported by Block and Rosen’s commitment to ‘elevated awareness,’ the event is flourishing. They see that in this day and age so much beauty is getting cast aside without the public’s knowledge of its existence – that, artistically, we, as a society, have lost touch with that pulse that used to beat so fervently within us.

Block and Rosen, through Sight & Sound, hope to bring that feeling back. They want to bring what is real, and substantial to the human mind – pumping it full of visual splendors and musical wonders, rather than seeing it as an antiquated genre of expression.

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