-0104-“Time for Miracles” Lambert’s 2012 song Leaked

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Provided by 'kindofadraag' via Flickr

Provided by 'kindofadraag' via Flickr

Adam Lambert’s single on the 2012 soundtrack has been a long awaited moment for the music industry and Lambert-aholics throughout the world. Well the wait is no longer necessary. According to officials, Lambert’s song “Time for Miracles,” which is featured on the apocalyptic film 2012 has been leaked.

This may be a bitter sweet moment for the rocker. On the one hand he is finally giving what millions have been waiting for; it’s been so long since his debut on American Idol. On the other hand, the premature release has brought about an array of opinions on the new single.

To many, Lamberts high-powered vocals and rock mentality is not reflected in the song. The notion is that the highly anticipated song presents a dumbed down version of the rocker’s capability.

Since the leak on the web there have been many posts, videos, and millions of reactions to the single from the film. The complaints seem to be that the song is too similar to a previously released single from the film Armageddon, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” Despite the complaints the fans still remain in Lambert’s corner, and they have no doubt that he will still be the shining star they expect him to become.

The leak is an unfortunate incident for Lambert, bringing on the tough scrutiny that comes with his level of fame. The tumultuous season of American Idol that ended in Lamberts defeat has made millions expect a mind shattering, life altering song from Lambert. However, we need to realize that Lambert is coming into his own and is finding who he is much like all of us.

Singers continually discover themselves and their artistic souls. Rather than saying the song wasn’t what we expected, we should realize that it is one of the many transgressions of Lambert’s discovery.

San Diego will always support Lambert’s endeavors and be behind him one-hundred percent of the time. Our city is special and we need to support all those that come from it with full love and embrace.

The leak of Lambert’s song is just the beginning of his career and we can be sure that he will fulfill all the expectations we have set for him. At the same time we need to also realize that maybe our expectations are too high, after all he is human. In the meantime we can expect a solo album from Lambert titled “For Your Entertainment” to be released on Nov. 23.


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