Throw Me the Statue’s Creaturesque sophomore LP

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tmtsporchWhen Seattle-based band Throw Me the Statue released its debut, Moonbeams, in 2007, the project was mostly comprised of one person–Scott Reitherman–who wrote, sang and tinkered around with low-fi and ridiculously catchy melodies. (Truthfully, songs like “About to Walk” and “Lolita” still get stuck in this writer’s head at fairly consistent intervals.) Now two years past, the band has expanded to four in number, and released an excellent EP, Purpleface, in the interim between albums. The four-song tease from last fall revealed a slower, more contained effort than the pop free-for-all of Moonbeams, projecting where the band might tread next for a sophomore LP. Well, wait no longer. On August 4th, they will release Creaturesque on Secretly Canadian, and the band recently took to their Twitter to offer fans a glimpse of what it will sound like in lead single “Ancestors”. Check it out below, along with some other .mp3s courtesy of SC.

Creaturesque tracklisting:

  • sc201Waving At The Shore
  • Pistols
  • Tag
  • Ancestors
  • Noises
  • Snowshoes
  • Dizzy From The Fall
  • Cannibal Rays
  • Hi-Fi Goon
  • Baby, You’re Bored
  • Shade For A Shadow
  • The Outer Folds

mp3: “About to Walk” [from About to Walk – EP]

mp3: “Lolita” [from Moonbeams]

mp3: “Ships” [from Purpleface – EP]

mp3: “Ancestors” [from Creaturesque]

MySpace: Throw Me the Statue

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