The Entertainer’s twisted tribute to the King of Pop

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Upon hearing of Michael Jackson’s sudden and tragic death last week, the Entertainer tried to find some connections between Michael and San Diego over the years.

Sure, he’s played his shows over the years at the Sports Aroma Arena and Qualcomm Stadium, but it was the same show he played everywhere else on that tour…and we couldn’t find much in the way of archived media to share.

But we did run across one hilarious video on YouTube. Michael Jackson never really did make an appearance at Stingaree (Ed. – see our review of the restaurant here) on June 28, 2008, but the boys over at Scene Diego sure made it seem like he did. Here’s their re-cap along with a video capturing the “event:”

“85 Agents showed up on a clear Saturday night in June. The mission? We started a dirty little rumor that Michael Jackson was having dinner on the rooftop of Stingaree in Downtown San Diego. We had no idea we would double the size of our group with this little fib. Our 85 agents turned into 150-200 screaming, chanting and singing – Michael Jackson fans. We took over all four corners of the intersection. The restaurant manager came out and asked us to leave their sidewalk, neighbors came out of apartments, and people left their dinner tables to come join the excitement; waiting for MJ to make an appearance. The very confused waitstaff watched in confusion from inside the front window.”

You can’t pull this stunt with every celebrity though, so while a joke, the prank really is a testament to the popularity of Jackson around San Diego and the world:

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