Street Scene – Set days announced, single day tickets on sale

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As far as San Diego events go, Street Scene is one of the largest. For two nights, some of the biggest names in the music industry will gather in the East Village.

Since the lineup was announced until early this week, tickets were sold in a two-day package. Now, single day tickets are also on sale.

The single day tickets are going for $65, and the two-day passes are $122. The announcement was also coupled with the official schedule of the bands, as far as whether they would be playing Friday or Saturday.

If you want to attend this year’s Street Scene you better jump on the tickets now. If the past is any indication to the future, the tickets will go fast, and also will increase in price as the date creeps up. Buying tickets early will help you avoid the rush of last minute searches on Craigslist for way over priced tickets.

Below is a list of the days that each band will play, take a look and see which day you want to go, because now you can purchase single day tickets (provided by the Street Scene website).

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  1. professorx619

    July 31, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    Man ! Am I the only one entirely disapointed in the lineup? I’m ecstatic they moved it back to downtown, and in recent years the lineup was just amazing. I bought pre-lineup pre-sale tickets since I expected the same quality of artists, but now I’m just trying to get rid of the tix themselves.

    I guess I’m just more a fan of the not-so-ridiculously-indie-artists that all the hipsters enjoy nowadays haha 🙁

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