Pegah Rashti: From an SDSU College Graduate to an MTV TJ Candidate

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What if one day you woke up and your life had changed? Everything you thought you were going to do was changed to a path of excitement and experience. It seems that way for Pegah Rashti, a recent graduate from San Diego State University, who is competing in an MTV network competition involving personality, an open-mind and social media skills are extremely important.

The MTV TJ ‘Twitter Jockey’ competition tests 20 individuals’ skills and knowledge about social networking. The search for these 20 candidates was a little less than conventional. MTV searched the social media networks, such as Twitter and Facebook to find the best of the best. These top 20 individuals were selected from thousands across the country for their unique perspective of pop-culture and music.

Now, it gets even better. The competition is compromised of challenges that the contestants must complete. During the challenges there is live-voting via Facebook, where anyone can vote for who they want to be the first MTV TJ.

Pegah Rashti, a local San Diegan, had her world spun around when she found out that she was in the running to become the first-ever MTV Twitter Jockey. “I was extremely shocked. I thought it was a joke! But then I realized everything happens for a reason… maybe this was meant to be.”

Pegah is not your typical California girl, even though she is “fine, fresh, and fierce” as Katy Perry elegantly puts it in her “California Gurls” song. Raised in the Bay Area, Pegah made her way to San Diego in hopes of following her dream. “Living in SD has definitely changed me…The young girl walking onto the San Diego State University campus in 2006 has dramatically transformed into an independent, self-confident and hardworking individual. I wouldn’t change those four years of my life for anything. GO AZTECS!!”

This SDSU graduate has always thought about others before herself and has wanted to make a positive impact on the world. Pegah is a girl on a mission and will do anything to help those in need. “I’m passionate about helping others. Whether it be in a community service project, a simple conversation with a teen, or even giving food to the homeless. I’m very passionate about making the world a better place.”

With the opportunity of becoming the first-ever MTV Twitter Jockey, Pegah will be able to combine her interests with the challenges she must complete for the MTV competition. “I think my love for the entertainment industry can perfectly go hand-in-hand with this competition because I will be representing the people. I can communicate and deliver what MTV’s global audience wants and needs are.” Pegah is putting her skills and knowledge to the test in this fast-pace competition.

Becoming the first-ever MTV TJ is not an easy task. It takes a certain type of person to know how to communicate with different types of personalities across the nation. Pegah is one of San Diego’s own and fits that mold, but she needs your help!

“Please support me by voting on Facebook! I need as many votes as I can get AND followers on Twitter. So if you have a Twitter account, follow me.” If this local makes her way to the top 5, she will be flown to New York to complete a series of live challenges. The voting will remain live and the finale will be broad-casted from New York on August 8th. Let’s support our local SDSU graduate on a mission to be the first ever MTV TJ!

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