The Wailers stop at the Sound Wave on Sunday

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The legendary band The Wailers stop at Sound Wave this Sunday evening for a celebrated performance of their hits old and new. The band you will see on stage is the very band that backed Bob Marley from 1974 until his death in 1981. Since that time, The Wailers have carried the torch of Bob Marley and reggae music to provide a connection for fans of all ages. The Wailers are the most successful reggae group of all time, having sold over 250 million albums to date.

The Wailers at Tuff Gong Studios in Kingston, Jamaica. photo credit William Richards

Aston “Family Man” Barrett is the bass player and musical director of the band and has been a Wailer for over 40 years, the longest standing member. Referred to as “Fams” for short, because he is known to have 42 children; he co produced some of Marley’s albums and is said to be responsible for some if not many of the song arrangements and bass lines.

The Wailers recently got back into the studio in Jamaica to record an entirely new album. The latest debut is a song called “A Step for Mankind,” written by Duane Stephenson. The song is for Oniric Records’ compilation Solution for Dreamers: Season 3 and all proceeds will benefit the World Food Programme, which feeds 90 million people per year in over 70 different countries, with a specific focus on Ethiopia. “A Step for Mankind” is a song that seeks to educate and promote the unity needed to overcome the ongoing struggle with world hunger.

As an independent label Oniric seeks to work with artists that advocate positive change in our society. You can get a preview of “A Step for Mankind” and some astonishing facts on the critical state of world hunger by checking out the video below.

This Sunday, July 11th at the Sound Wave in Pacific Beach you can catch Elan Atias on lead vocals, “Fams” on bass, Keith Sterling on keys, Anthony Watson on drums, Chico Chin on trumpet, Audley Chisholm on rhythm guitar, Everald Gayle on trombone with Brady Walters and Cegee Victory as background vocals. The bountiful players in the group provide for an overwhelming expectation of an experience that isn’t one to miss. If you follow Rastafari, enjoy Bob Marley or tout ‘One Love’ then you need to attend this show.

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