North Park Music Thing complete schedule

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North Park Music Thing

The North Park Music Thing (formerly “North By North Park”) is back, and takes over the neighborhood this weekend. It’s the perfect event for San Diego music fans to check out, with workshops for up-and-coming performers (or simply those interested) to learn about the ins and outs of the music industry, not to mention a bunch of great performances from local and national acts.

Going to the North Park Music Thing Saturday Music Fest? Don’t Drink & Drive – take the NPMT Shuttle – it’s FREE with your NPMT ticket and it takes you to every venue hosting the North Park Music Thing.Here’s the schedule of events for this weekend’s activities.

2 -Day Tickets are only $25!
(Sat/Sun, August 8-9, 2009)

Schedule after the jump:


True North
Pacific Magazine presents
7:50pm • Echo Revolution
8:50pm • Roosevelt
9:50pm • Lualta

Whistle Stop Bar
8pm • Boomsnake
8:50pm • Team Abraham
9:50pm • Gray Ghosts
10:30pm • DJ’s Bart Blackstone & Atari

Bar Pink
FM 94/9 presents
7:30pm • Pleasure Device
8:30pm • Tape Deck Mountain
9:30pm • Lights On
10:30pm • Get Back Loretta
11:30pm • El Ten Eleven
12:30pm • Division Day

The Office
Yelp presents
8pm • Black Hondo
8:45pm • Pensive
9:50pm • Heavy Glow
10:30pm • DJ Saul Q

91X, Obscure Magpie & aVicious presents
8pm • Boy Scout
8:45pm • Gran Sasso
9:35pm • Maren Parusel
10:35pm • Apes of Wrath
11:35pm • Holy Rolling Empire
12:35am • Transfer

DJ Artistic presents

7pm • Kid Hustle
7:20pm • Souljourn
7:40pm • Jenn-Jenn
8pm • Vegasaint
8:20pm • Rob Grimm
8:40pm • R.C.K.
9pm • Loose Logic
9:20pm • Pac 10
9:40pm • Parker and the Numberman
10pm • Deep Rooted
10:30pm presents Live Electronic Music:

The Stove

Walk the Walk presents
8pm • Folding Mr Lincoln
9pm • bill
10pm • Citizen band
11pm • Billy Midnight
12am • The Burning of Rome

Kensington Club
8:50pm • The Modlins
9:50pm • Deatheaters
10:50pm • Roxy Jones
11:50pm • Happy Hollows
12:50am • The Silent Comedy

Beauty Bar
Revolt in Style Magazine presents
8:15pm • Hotel St George
9:15pm • Circa Now
10:15pm • Crash Encore
11:15pm • Long Live Logos
12:15am • Uncle Joe’s Big ‘ol Driver

Soda Bar
Single Screen Records presents
8:30pm • Beaters
9:30pm • The Vision of a Dying World
10:30pm • The Powerchords
11:30pm • Charles Musket
12:30pm • Cuckoo Chaos

Radio Room
8pm • Lanterns
9pm • afterschoolspecial
10pm • Weatherbox
11pm • Drug Wars
12am • A Scribe Amidst the Lions
1am • Superunloader

The Ruby Room
San Diego CityBeat presents
8:30pm • The Displaced
9:30pm • Republic of Letters
10:30pm • Nico Stai
11:30pm • MC Flow
12:30am • Scarlet Symphony

Claire de Lune Coffee Room
San Diego Troubadour presents
7pm • Jordan Reimer
7:20pm • The Donnis Trio
7:40pm • Kim DiVine
8pm • Christopher Dale
8:20pm • Peter Bolland
8:40pm • Sven Erik-Seaholm
9pm • Josh Damigo
9:20pm •Shawn Rohlf
9:40pm • Steven Ybarra
10pm • Barbara Nesbitt
10:20pm • Lisa Sanders
10:40pm • Marie Haddad
11pm • Gregory Page
11:20pm • Chris Ryan
11:40pm • Coby Brown
12am • Grandpa Drew
12:20am • Veronique Van Pelt

The Sunset Temple Room
Mission Gathering presents
7pm • Peter Hall
7:20pm • Allegra Barley
7:40pm • Jefferson Jay
8pm • Michael Tiernan
8:25pm • Cathry Beeks Ordeal
9:15pm • Veronica May
10pm • Astra Kelly
10:45pm • Danielle LoPresti
11:30pm • Jacqueline Grace

Hawthorns at the Theatre Stage
Sophie 103.7 presents
7:10pm • Bill Dobbins
7:30pm • Robin Henkel
7:50pm • Brenda Xu
8:10pm • Bart Mendoza
8:30pm • Chuck Schiele & the Handsome Devils
8:50pm • Lindsay White
9:10pm • Kenny Eng
9:30pm • Jesse LaMonica
9:50pm • Lady Danville
10:10pm • Dave Humphries
10:30pm • Sal Filipelli

Planet Rooth Gallery
Ray at Night presents
9:15pm • The Moviegoers
10:15pm • Tropical Depression
11:15am • Guava Belly

7:15pm • The Endless Bummer
8:15pm • Snuffaluffagus
9:15pm • Get Your Death On
10:15pm • Sunday Times
11:15pm • The Paragraphs

7:30pm-10:30pm • Tribe of Kings Soundsystem

Air Conditioned
SDNN.COM presents
7:30pm – Trio Gadjo
8:45pm – Erika Davies
9:30pm – DJ Edgartronic
10:45 – DJ Greyboy


FM 94/9 Bar Pink Stage
12:05pm •Writer
12:55pm • Shark Attack
1:55pm • Steve Poltz & the Rugburns
3:05pm • Blackheart Procession
5:05pm • The Night Marchers

Rock 105.3 CityBeat Stage
12:30pm •Avi Buffalo
1:25pm • Uncle Joe’s Big Ol Driver
2:35pm • El Vez
4:05pm • Scott Russo & the Big Big Bang
6:15pm • Presidents of the United States of America

CityBeat Beer Garden Stage
1pm •irRAdio
2:30pm • Dynamite Walls
4pm • The Bloodflowers
5:30pm • Buddy Akai


Future Sounds presents
The Rumble San Diego
featuring performances from
Apes of Wrath and Lights On,
with a SEZIO take-over the Atari Lounge,
plus other special guests.

Sunday August 9th
The Casbah • Doors open 8:30pm

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