Live Proof — Hyperpotamus and Trashcan Fires @ Soda Bar (08.04.09)

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Photo by James Halfacre

Photo by James Halfacre

When I got to Soda Bar around 10:30 pm, it was a ghost town. With maybe two dozen or so at the bar, I immediately began to feel bad for Hyperpotamus — who had made the long trip from Spain to be here.

Having only seen YouTube videos of him prior, I was eager to see him live. Upon arriving at Soda Bar and seeing the turnout, I began to think perhaps my excitement was unfounded.

Trashcan Fires took the stage after a long sound check that included an acapella rendition of “Part of That World”, from the “Little Mermaid” soundtrack. After a couple of songs, I was sold on their music. Its perfect “driving to Julian just to get a slice of pie” music. If you’re someone who needs to put your music in categories, you can file them under lo-fi electronic lullabies. Band members rotated instruments for most of the set which included an inspiring cover of Riskay’s “Smell Yo Dick”. This is definatley a local band to keep your eye on.

Next up was the headliner, Hyperpotamus. The one man acapella group seemed unphased by the lack of audience and immediately started into an entrancing set. Armed with four mics and a loop station, Hyperpotamus moved seamlessly between on-the-spot loops, layering voice on voice as the songs grew and fell. I, along with the ten or twelve remaining fans, stood there watching in awe. The only sound that came from the crowd was the applause between songs, and the occasional attempt at Spanish by an intoxicated patron.

I don’t know if and when he’ll be back, but Hyperpotamus is definitely an act to catch.

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