New Christina Aguilera video “You Lost Me”

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AguileraSince 1998 we’ve watched the pop star Christina Aguilera transform herself from girl next door, to a proclaimed dirty girl, pin-up girl, to a electric pop seductress. Once again Aguilera has surprised us, but not in the shocking overly dramatic way she usually does. The singer has released her new single “You Lost Me,” and this time shes taken a much softer approach.

“You Lost Me” features the singer in a more familiar light, reminding viewers of the simple girl audiences fell in love with back when “Genie in Bottle” was released. The song showcases her extraordinary vocal talent without all of the electronic nonsense that has overwhelmed recent Top 40 songs. Auguilera’s voice is accompanied by a soft beat and piano in the background.

Forget the futuresque outfits and costume make-up that have had fans do a double take. Aguilera portrays a gentle and vulnerable woman in her latest video. With lyrics such as “we’ve lost it all, the love is gone,” the scenes revolve around her pain over being deceived by someone she loved.

“It’s not taken off yet. Big ballads like that that are very slow have a harder time at radio, simply because radio right now is very rhythmic and midtempo and dance, and it’s hard for very sparse ballads to catch on,” said Keith Caulfield, senior chart manager/analyst at Billboard, of “You Lost me.”

Aguilera’s previous music video, “Not Myself Tonight” from her fourth album “Bionic,” depicted her as a sex-charged vixen. The video received overall positive reviews but many were disappointed in her lack of originality compared to this summers top artists Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and Katy Perry.

Aguilera’s Summer tour was canceled after lack of album sales and response from audiences. The release of Aguilera’s fourth album, “Bionic,” was released four years after her previous album “Back to Basics” in 2006. “Bionic” had high expectations as is came out on June 4 this year, but only sold 111,000 in its first week out, her lowest selling album. The album quickly went from top 5 on the Billboard charts to the No. 32 spot.

Maybe this new single and music video will be just the thing to place her back on top.  Like it better than her most recent works? Let us know.

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