Hugh Laurie Lands a Record Deal

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Everyone’s favorite twisted and oh-so-sexy television doctor is going from making the ladies swoon with his last-minute diagnoses and quirky humor to, well, making the ladies swoon some more—but this time, with the Blues. That’s right, Hugh Laurie, otherwise known as the sarcastic and huffy Dr. House on Fox’s hit medical drama ‘House’, has a record deal. In a press conference on Monday, the British star announced that he’s signed with Warner Music Entertainment to release a New Orleans Blues album.

According to EW, Laurie will be holing up in the recording studio for the remainder of the summer and the majority of fall coming up with smooth tunes that are sure to dazzle—that is, if the actor is as good as he seems on the sneak peeks fans of the show have gotten of his piano and guitar skills. Folk-rocker Joe Henry is slated to produce the debut album, with special musical collaborators that have yet to be announced.

In the press release, Laurie addressed his talents, stating that he is “predominantly self-taught (after creative differences with his childhood teacher).” The actor also made a few jokes at his expense, noting that he hopes he doesn’t go the typical down-in-flames route other actors-turned-musicians have gone: “I am drunk with excitement at this opportunity. I know the history of actors making music is a checkered one, but I promise no one will get hurt. I am particularly thrilled to be working with Joe, who has produced some of my favorite records, and I can’t wait to get started.”

While Hollywood has shown us that actors generally seem to make terrible musicians, Laurie doesn’t seem destined to go down that road—in fact, he’s already got some musical credentials under his belt. Aside from the ditties he’s played on ‘House’, the 51 year-old actor plays the keyboard in a charity group called Band from TV, and also appeared on Meat Loaf’s latest album.

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