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San Diegan’s line two blocks of the Gaslamp Quarter outside Deco’s Nightclub. Fans of the New Boyz are anxiously waiting to get inside the club to experience jerkin’ live. All different colors, prints and fashions are displayed in the eclectic mix of the crowd.

Meanwhile the San Diego Entertainer camera crew is on their way to the hotel where the New Boyz are staying for their night in San Diego. We arrive to find the New Boyz, Ben J and Legacy casually relaxing after a long day in the studio and traveling.

They’re very calm and joking with their friends as they await the start of our video interview. Ben J is playing Ke$ha and Wiz Khalifa from his laptop. The duo is even singing snippets of a few songs we assume may be on the next album.

These New Boyz have become a phenomenon with their debut album Skinny Jeans and a Mic and their part in the “jerkin’ movement.” You’ve heard the New Boyz on the radio with their popular songs “You’re A Jerk” and “Tie Me Down,” featuring Ray J.

Image_8195A little known fact is that the New Boyz had created many of the songs featured on their debut album before they were picked up by a major label.

Once “You’re A Jerk” was released on YouTube, New Boyz became an internet sensation and a known force in the hip hop industry. Their style is very different from the stereotypical rapper that people are familiar with today. Instead of the typical baggy pants and oversized shirts, these jerks wear skinny jeans, studded belts and colorful shirts.

Reports have flurried about what the jerkin’ movement is about. Watch as we ask the New Boyz all the important questions and share a few laughs. New Boyz dish about their new album and more in our exclusive interview before their San Diego performance.

New Boyz fans can thank Chris Jones of Ridiculous and Deco’s Nightclub for bringing the New Boyz to San Diego. Special thanks to event contributor Catch Ridiculous at Deco’s Nightclub every Saturday!

Deco’s is @ 731 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101.

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