The Meat Puppets Celebrate Their “Lollipop” Album At San Diego’s Casbah

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Next month on June 14th at 7pm, The Casbah, will host the legendary rock band, “The Meat Puppets,” as they promote their new album, Lollipop.

Rolling Stone heralds the band’s return –

“Against all odds, The Meat Puppets are rocking again.”

San Diego Entertainer was given the special opportunity of interviewing the group’s guitarist and vocalist Curt Kirkwood, who also founded the band.

The group was formed in 1980 and was an influential force in the field of Rock and Roll music during the 1980’s and 90’s. They have influenced groups such as Nirvana, Pavement and Soundgarden.  Meat Puppets are known for their albums, Up on the Sun (1985), Mirage (1987), Huevos (1987), Monsters (1989), Forbidden Places (1991), Too High to Die (1994), No Joke! (1995), Golden Lies (2000), Rise to Your Knees (2007), Sewn Together (2009) and others. The members of the group include Curt, his brother Cris who plays the bass and Shandon Sahms playing the drums.

Their album Lollipop was released out to the public in April this year from Megaforce Records. It was produced by Curt and recorded in Austin, Texas at the Spoon’s HiFi Studio. The Meat Puppets’ tour dates have been released as well.

Meat Puppets Tour Dates

Apr 27 – Busters – Lexington, KY *
Apr 28 – The Valarium – Knoxville, TN *
Apr 30 – Cain’s Ballroom – Tulsa, OK
May 1 – Liberty Hall – Lawrence, KS *
May 3 – Simon Estes Amphitheater – Des Moines, IA *
May 5 – The Venus – Fargo, ND *
May 6 – First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN *
May 7 – The Pageant – St. Louis, MO *
June 8 – The Blue Light – Lubbock, TX
June 9 – Santa Fe Brewing Co. – Santa Fe, NM
June 10 – Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM
June 11 – The Clubhouse – Phoenix, AZ
June 14 – Casbah – San Diego, CA
June 15 – Detroit Bar – Costa Mesa, CA
June 16 – Echo – Los Angeles, CA
June 17 – Independent – San Francisco, CA
June 18 – Humboldt Brews – Arcata, CA
June 20 – Wild Buffalo – Bellingham, WA
June 21 – Crocodile – Seattle, WA
June 22 – Doug Fir – Portland, OR
June 23 – Neurolux – Boise, ID
June 25 – Urban Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT
June 26 – Abbey Theater – Durango, CA
June 29 – Bluebird – Denver, CO
June 30 – Record Bar – Kansas City, MO
July 1 – Slowdown – Omaha, NE
July 9 – Summerfest – Milwaukee, WI

w/ Slightly Stoopid *

The Meat Puppets, according to Curt, have been busily involved in their tour that included traveling through the Midwest and Europe. Luckily they will be getting a couple days off in between and are expecting to have most of August off. The group will also be performing at the Summer Fest in Milwaukee.

“Head Puppet” Curt talks with the Entertainer about their new Lollipop album, his background, interests and his love of music.

Entertainer: What are your thoughts on the upcoming concert? How long have you been planning it?

CK: Oh I like San Diego, just spent two weeks there. It’ll be nice to get over there again, looking forward to it. Had a blast. Just did first leg of the tour around the Midwest – going over to Europe next Thursday, getting a couple days off, most of August off. Then coming here…Summerfest in Milwaukee.

Entertainer: What are you hoping will come out of the concert – turnout wise?

CK: I don’t know. (I) always hope for the best as long as people show up. I’m going to play the same way as I do every time. (I hope for) people being happy – part of human nature. Usually good show for us (at) the Casbah. Casbah is awesome, been there for a while, cool scene, they’re kind of old school. At some places, things can get corporate, more about the bar than show. Some other places (it’s) just about the venue, the band, I like it like that. Casbah is like that.

Entertainer: I really enjoyed listening to your upcoming Lollipop Album. What inspired you guys for the songs and album?

CK: Strange process. Got to see what fits together.  Some are really old, some (we) just wrote in the studio. The recording process does that. I have toiled with a few sometime, usually, I like to get stuff done.

Entertainer: What is it like to be in a band?

CK: We are just old guys…old stupid guys.

Entertainer: (Haha) I’m sure that’s not true.

CK: (jokingly) Nah, we are youthful. Perfect bodies, early twenties, wears all the right clothes.

Entertainer: How long have you guys played together?

CK: Since 1980.

Entertainer: What is your favorite song to perform?

CK: I always like “Lake of Fire”. There’s always a song we like to jam out on, they are usually the ten-minute songs. Its fun, I just like to play, give us an excuse to play…they stand out on your own. When your bored, you never know, a song may seem bad, but turns out to be good. I don’t care if they are my songs, cover songs, I just like to play whatever. I like to play guitar…I like to sing.

Entertainer: What gave you guys the idea to name the band “The Meat Puppets”?

CK: It was fun to say. I think “Pinocchio” was always my favorite movie. Up until “Battlefield Earth” anyway. Haven’t seen it. My brother says it’ll be my favorite movie. Thought it’ll be fun to make people say meat puppets over and over again. Hard to come up with a name. The only good one at the time. Came up with a lot of stupid ones.

Entertainer: Do you do any prepping exercises right before a show? What do you enjoy the most when it comes to being up on stag?

CK: Getting a buzz an exercise?  (Haha) I prep alot. It’s just a time to come out and co-mingle. Having fun. Not that big of a deal, never has been for me. Don’t have to yell too much, have a microphone. I just like to come out on stage…been waiting all day to play. Hit the club and sit around, best time of the day. Looking forward to it. Getting up to it and see how things go. I like my work. I’m lucky…I really like my work.

Link to their website:

Casbah site:

Photos courtesy of Jaimie Butler

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