A Night at the Casbah with The Meat Puppets

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Taco Tuesday partying was not the only event that was happening last Tuesday in Downtown San Diego. The Meat Puppets performed at well as the local 21 and up club, The Casbah.

The Casbah is located off on Kettner Boulevard and despite its hole-in-the-wall appearance, draws a very loyal following.

On the outside you just see an old building with the sign, having dark red paint with flames at the bottom. But then once you step past the gate, it is very eye opening.

There is a room that is located towards the back that has pool tables, a TV, and some video games. Perfect for a place where you can kick back and chill while listening to some great music. In the other room there is the stage with a dance floor for the crowd to stand in front of the band and dance to the music. The bar was welcoming and the drinks were affordable. The crowd line wasn’t that bad to get in either. Accessibility around the place was easy and wheelchair friendly.

Doors opened promptly at 8:30 PM and the line was quickly ushered in. Entrance fee was reasonably priced at only fifteen dollars. The venue overall was very comfortable. The crowd that came in to watch the performance was huge.

During the beginning of the event, only a small trickling of the crowd was coming, but then it turned into a steady pour, as the time got closer for the headlining band, The Meat Puppets, to play. The two started performers were Flamingo and Perro Bravo. They were enthusiastic and really pumped up the crowd.

The Meat Puppets were the main crowd pleaser, and the reason everyone came to the club. They are a well known American rock band that was really popular in the 1980’s. The group consists of band members Curt and Cris Kirkwood and Shandon Sahm.

Their Casbah performance and corresponding tour is to promote their new album, Lollipop. Every third person I saw there had a Meat Puppets t-shirt on or were buying a souvenir of them. It was a great turnout for The Meat Puppets, especially since it was a Tuesday night.

Photo from Jacqui Yawn and Neff Conner via Flickr

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