Madonna’s “Celebration” Video Released on iTunes!

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Madonna's "Celebration" Album (Photo From Konnichiwa via Flickr)

Madonna's "Celebration" Album (Photo From Konnichiwa via Flickr)

Madonna’s “Celebration” video is now released, and can be downloaded for free on iTunes for 48 hours before going up for purchase on Thursday! It’s an upbeat, sexy video that any pop-lover will want to watch. “Celebration” is one of the two new songs on Madonna’s upcoming Greatest Hits album, which she is currently performing in her sold-out “Sticky and Sweet” tour throughout Europe.

The video features Madonna’s rumored boyfriend Jesus Luz as a sexy DJ (Jesus’s real life dream), whom Madonna undresses in a steamy scene. The couple still denies allegations of a relationship, but many would say the video is quite telling. Lourdes, Madonna’s 12-year-old daughter, also makes a small cameo as a dancer towards the end of the video.

The video was shot in Milan, Italy, during a break from her European tour, and the video is exactly what the title advertises. It’s a “celebration” of Madonna’s career, showing off the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s hot dance moves even at the age of 51.

Going along with Madonna’s style, the video is full of hot dance moves, skimpy outfits, and a lot of booty shakin’. Take a peek at this brand new single and enjoy.

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