Live Nation announces 2-for-1 ticket deals at Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre

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Incubus rocks Cricket (Photo from 'petty.jenn' via Flikr)

Incubus rocks Cricket (Photo from 'petty.jenn' via Flikr)

Good news came over the wire today for music fans in San Diego who have been turned off by expensive ticket prices at the staple Summer concert venues.

While always seeming to land a great lineup, Humphrey’s has never been a bargain for concertgoers who happen to fall below the top 5 percent of income earners in the country. And it seems people have been complaining forever about paying $20 to see a band at venues run by mega-conglomerates Live Nation and Ticketbastardmaster, only to see that cost jump to $35 after taxes and shady “convenience charges.”

The folks at Live Nation, who run Chula Vista’s Coors Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre will most likely remain out of touch with reality as far as their concert pricing goes, but they’re at least starting to get the picture (too bad it only took half of the summer and a half-full amphitheatre for many shows to realize it).

In a move that indicates poor sales for some of the thirteen remaining shows, Live Nation announced today they will offer an unprecedented deal: two-for-one tickets for six concerts at Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre in Chula Vista. The deal can only be used if tickets are bought in multiples of two, however. Here are the shows where the offer will be good:

  • 07.28 – The Fray
  • 08.14 – Toby Keith & Trace Adkins
  • 09.05 – Nickelback
  • 09.09 – Def Leppard & Poison
  • 10.02 – Brad Paisley
  • 10.10 – Marco Antonio Solis

The deal begins on at midnight tonight.

There is also another deal that Live Nation is peddling: A four-pack of tickets to select upcoming shows for $99 or less. Here are the shows at Cricket where the deal is valid:

  • 08.13 – Toby Keith & Trace Adkins
  • 09.09 – Def Leppard & Poison
  • 10.02 – Brad Paisley w/ Dierks Bentley & Jimmy Wayne

So get out there and see some shows this summer!

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