Your Guide to all Concerts and Bands in San Diego

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With the arrival of summer, the San Diego Entertainer is more excited than ever to share the hidden gems of the city and embrace all of the gorgeous tourist destinations in San Diego. We will be keeping our finger on the pulse of all things San Diego, but specifically, we want to let you know about the best venues and concerts in San Diego. This summer, some of our favorite artists are performing, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Keep checking back at our Bands Directory and Concerts Directory for the best concerts and Bands this summer in San Diego.

Whether you enjoy listening to Reggae, EDM, Indie, Alternative, Country, or Hard Metal, every genre of music is expected to play at various concert venues this summer. For example, Golden Animals is playing at Soda Bar in El Cajon later this month. Also, all of the shows at Arts and Amps will be free admission for the rest of the month, to include The Donkeys with Well, Well, Well. Moreover, The Schizophonics, with Creature Canyon are expected to play at Arts and Amps.

One of our favorite venues for concerts in San Diego is The Casbah, due to it’s lively atmosphere despite the smaller size. It opened in 1989 and it’s first location had a legal capacity of only 75. Casbah hosted bands such as: Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Lemonheads, The Jesus Lizard, and Rocket From The Crypt. In the next month, you can see bands like Evan Dando, Gateway Drugs, Chron Gen, Generators, and Corrupted Youth for inexpensive prices in an authentic setting.

Another venue you must try out even if you’ve been thousands of times, is the San Diego County Fair. Not only are the performances supposed to be incredible this year, but admission is also free for those who already purchased a ticket for the fair. Some of the artists included this year are Switchfoot, Jermih,  and Brad Perry. Additionally, comedians such as Trevor Noah are set to perform.

Keep checking back with SD Entertainer for the latest concert and band venues so you can further explore everything that this city has to offer, while singing along to your favorite bands and musicians.

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