Listen to The Dodos’ newest, Time to Die, right now

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courtesy Charlie Villyard

Sometimes you’ve just got to fight fire with fire.

After news spread that their sophomore release, Time to Die, had leaked onto the Internet, San Francisco’s The Dodos took to its website to address the issue. From vocalist Meric Long directly, at

Now, we’re going to get to the bottom of this, but in the meantime, you can… hear a high-quality, streamlined version of the record for free.

Yep. Way to go guys. A small, very guilt-free reward for those of us battling our consciences and morals, but who desperately wanted a listen. The band has also bumped up the digital release of the record, which will now happen on July 28th, with a physical release to follow on September 15th.

So head on over to if you please, and check out Time to Die. I’m already on track three, and loving every second.

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